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KPMG is tapping into the security features of blockchain and other cutting-edge emerging technologies intended to deliver the highest levels of trust, visibility and traceability across today’s increasingly complex global supply chains.

KPMG Origins is a unique blockchain track-and-trace solution that has been designed for businesses that depend on the highly connected, integrated and efficient 21st century supply chains. These systems and networks are now handling greater masses of data than ever before. Despite such modern-day advantages, there is no denying that the complexities of today’s supply-chain ecosystems also pose new operational risks, reconciliation challenges, fraud threats and safety concerns.

That’s where KPMG Origins comes in - the innovative ‘platform of trust’, which uses blockchain, the Internet of Things and predictive modelling to create an exceptionally reliable, independent, secure and efficient data-sharing platform.

“Our mission with KPMG Origins is to provide an intuitive data trust platform that will reshape industries with exceptional visibility and control of supply chains – from tracking raw materials and assets in production, to distribution and final point of sale – and ultimately bring producers closer to the customer,” says Laszlo Peter, Head of Blockchain Services Asia Pacific, KPMG Australia.

KPMG Origins empowers those within large-scale sectors like agriculture to more precisely track the movement of products from their farms, to warehouses, to international stores and to the consumers they serve.

Bringing supply-chain traceability into the 21st century

KPMG Origins was recently deployed with an agriculture sector client to successfully track a live order that transported livestock from farmland in the Asia-Pacific region to a local food processor and from there, by air freight to the shelves of retailers in Taiwan.

The client has gained a seamless, end-to-end view of data that gives its stakeholders unmatched assurance that all product-related data is not just validated and qualified, but also trusted and immutable. As a result, its branded products are ultimately giving consumers a new level of trust in the quality and origin of the foods they are bringing home to their tables.

“We are reimagining supply chains with an infrastructure of trust thanks to blockchain technology – KPMG Origins helps global trading partners codify trust while enabling more-streamlined interactions across organizations and borders,” says Peter.

“KPMG Origins maps the economic community of your supply chain and works with key participants to share data that makes trading faster and safer. We are empowering supply-chain players with an innovative blockchain-based track-and-trace solution. It’s an exciting breakthrough that can offer an array of industries enhanced certainty and trust in the data stakeholders are viewing every step of the way.”

Making a difference with ground-breaking features

How does it work? KPMG Origins is designed to deliver unprecedented advantages to businesses by enabling them to:

Maintain full control: From sourcing raw materials to point of purchase, KPMG Origins provides clear visibility of production processes, transport conditions and who within the supply chain currently has custody of products.

Share trusted certificates: Businesses can proactively provide supply-chain participants with confidence as KPMG Origins allows the capture and sharing of digital certifications of all stakeholder organizations, production facilities and products.

Build trust with customers: KPMG Origins can empower businesses to make optimal purchasing decisions with greater transparency for all points of the product journey.

Realize untapped potential: KPMG Origins enables businesses to improve export processes and foster valuable connections to target markets across the world.

KPMG Origins is also designed to help businesses ‘tell their story’ while reducing risk. Businesses can manage risk events such as product recalls, and utilize logic engines to create checklists that help ensure compliance. It also enables businesses to integrate client-facing applications and tell their product story using images or video, as well as enabling integration with popular digital tools such as barcodes and QR codes.

“It’s a very exciting time for KPMG to deliver innovative platforms like KPMG Origins that is designed to make a difference in the world today,” Peter says. “We are solving the challenges of supply-chain complexity that many global businesses are facing in today’s new era of digital capabilities and related risks. We believe that consumers can benefit from the heightened trust we can provide regarding products entering the global marketplace.”

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