KPMG and Microsoft combine advanced technologies, industry insight, creative thinking, and established excellence in advising on complex global business issues to help transform your company in the areas most critical to your prosperity and ongoing sustainable success.

As your organization expands to new geographies, develops new products and recruits new talent, processes can become increasingly complex and harder to scale. Market forces, such as evolving data protection laws, currency fluctuations and geopolitical tensions, increase the complexity and require a greater responsiveness for systems and tools.

The strong portfolio of KPMG and Microsoft alliance offerings can help you address these challenges by building applications on demand, automating manual processes, and continuously analyzing information to help reduce the risk of errors and increase your ability to make smart decisions. As you embark on your digital transformation journey, you can rely on KPMG professionals and our business-first approach to deliver effective Microsoft technology-based solutions to help you achieve meaningful and sustainable business outcomes.

Microsoft 360⁰ Innovation Fund

In a landmark agreement between KPMG, the global organization, and Microsoft, the Microsoft 360⁰ Innovation Fund was created to focus on emerging technologies, such as Azure and Generative AI, to empower sales teams to deliver strategic client engagements, leading digital solutions, and faster Go-To-Market initiatives for customers. Operating across multiple funding vehicles, the Microsoft 360⁰ Innovation Fund can aid with demand generation activities, accelerating opportunities to the next stage, and the architecture and development of Microsoft cloud-based solutions to help drive digital transformation across the global economy. 

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KPMG recognized as the 2023 Microsoft Global Defence & Intelligence Partner of the year.

KPMG is proud to be named the 2023 Microsoft Global Defence & Intelligence Partner of the year. Together, KPMG firms and Microsoft help improve mission readiness and transform your support functions.

KPMG five-step approach to sustainability reporting

A summary of the KPMG approach designed to empower organizations in their implementation of environment, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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