Robust cyber security gives you the confidence to protect your organisation

You face cyber security risks from attackers of all shapes and sizes – from well-funded professional cyber criminals to bedroom hacktivists. And they’re not the only cyber threats. User error – someone clicking on a malicious link in an email – remains one of the most common causes of a data breach.

Higher Education has recently been determined as the most likely educational body to become a target for cyberattacks (Times Higher Education Survey 2023). With UK Higher Education extending to have global footprints, having a cybersecurity partner that can assist with incident response with similar global reach will greatly benefit in the event of an attack, to protect staff and student data, and minimise disruption.

The key considerations:

  • How do I balance protecting data with accessibility?
  • What cyber security measures should I invest in and how can I measure ROI?
  • How can I mitigate the risks?
  • How do I ensure our business is back to normal as soon as possible after a cyber attack?

How can KPMG help?

KPMG can support in all aspects of the incident lifecycle using certified experts with extensive backgrounds in incident response. KPMG is a 24/7/365 global IR service provider with the capability to quickly get resources on-site whenever and wherever we are needed.

With our vast reach of alliances and experience, our teams are adaptable to work with our client’s existing environment, technology and tooling to ensure a safe and professional transition from crisis to recovery.

You can download our latest guidance on how KPMG can help you prepare and respond to cybersecurity incidents. And as you look at your incident response cover, let us help inform you about what to look for and what additional value we can add.

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