New ways of Working

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New ways of working

We’re creating a tech-driven business that empowers and equips our people to be outstanding in delivery and thrive with us, no matter where they work.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented our people, our firm and the nation with an unprecedented period. Social distancing restrictions made it clear that work is no longer a place we go, it's a contribution we make.

Our people have always worked flexibly – across client sites, offices and home – so this way of working isn't new for us, but we want to enhance it. We've let our people take the lead on what future ways of working will look like for KPMG UK - actively listening to how our people work best and what support they need from us in this new world.

In February 2021, we launched the Our KPMG: Wellbeing & Future Ways of Working survey to better understand the positive aspects of home working that our colleagues wanted to maintain going forward. Each of the benefits listed below were chosen by our colleagues as something they wished to maintain going forward:

Not having to commute / 87%
Greater flexibility of working hours / 76%
Better work/life balance / 65%
Saving money / 65%
More relaxed dress code / 56%

The Our KPMG: Wellbeing & Future Ways of Working survey ran from the 3 to 23 February. 7793 responses were received which is a 49% response rate.

We know the world of work is fundamentally changing and our clients' needs are changing too. They too are looking for opportunities to promote new ways of working and are encouraging us to work in different and more innovative ways alongside them. As a result, we're creating a tech-driven business that empowers and equips our people to be outstanding in delivery, no matter where they work.

We are investing £44m to transform our offices into collaboration spaces and investing in new technology for our people. Our office space is being repurposed to prioritise places for innovation, collaboration and convening between our people, clients, networks and local communities. We are also supplying our people with market-leading devices to enhance their experience and to suit our new ways of working. Our people have also benefited from additional home kit provision, ensuring colleagues have the tools they need while working from home – approximately 21,000 items of equipment have been ordered so far.

Our 'four-day fortnight' hybrid working plans, which we announced in May 2021, offers our people greater flexibility and choice during their working week. Our people will work up to four days in a fortnight in KPMG offices, with the rest of their working days spent at home or at client sites. Hybrid working will allow us to do many of the things we use to do but in an environment with more variety and where we bring together the best of both worlds – working at home as well as being in the office and at client sites, where the full diversity of our people can flourish, empowered by agile working.

Our plans for hybrid working extend to our partnerships externally too, with programmes such as our new strategic university partnerships providing additional insight to help clients deal with hybrid working and access to shared collaboration spaces.

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