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Our firm


We manage risk responsibly and in the interest of our stakeholders and the public.

We manage the risk we take, ensuring we act responsibly, in the public interest and in the interest of the entities we audit, our clients, our people, our regulators, and the markets and communities we work in.

The identification, evaluation, management and monitoring of the most significant risks that face our firm and could threaten the achievement of our strategic objectives, or our business model, future performance or solvency, are the responsibility of our Board.

The principal risks and uncertainties that the UK firm faces are:

Clients and audited entities
Execution – Quality
Execution – Delivery
People, Talent and Culture
Technology and information management
Business operations, resilience and controls
Financial management

There are numerous policies and procedures in place to help the UK firm, and members of KPMG International, comply with professional standards. Employees are responsible for complying with these policies, and there are controls and processes in place to help them.

Further information be found in our Transparency Report, hosted on Report hub.