Microsoft MVP

When Anders Eide joined KPMG in 2018, he brought several years of experience in cloud and Microsoft technologies. In 2015 he was recognized as a “Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional”, acknowledging him as one of the top experts and significant contributors to the Microsoft community.

Today, he leads the Norwegian “Cloud Infrastructure & Integrations” team, ensuring that KPMG’s clients have the necessary tools and expertise when exploring new technologies for their businesses. Recently, he also took on a new prestigious role as the “Global Azure Tech Lead” for KPMG’s international Microsoft alliance.

The new leading role involves ensuring that KPMG’s member firms are aligned around the best practices in using cloud solutions and Microsoft technology. Anders will be an essential resource in ensuring that all of KPMG’s clients maximize the use of their unique cloud journey.

Anders Eide

– My primary focus is on how we can modernize and transform both data-based solutions and end-user platforms using Azure cloud technology, Anders says.

He emphasizes the importance that all KPMG member countries coordinate how they use Azure to enhance their services. I will also ensure that all consultants have the right expertise and tools available when discussing Microsoft technology and cloud solutions with clients.

“Best practices” are created through collaboration

– KPMG Norway is part of a large group of member firms, each with its specific needs and clients. I look forward to talking to colleagues across borders and exchanging experiences with them. I am confident that we have a lot to learn from each other, and my goal is to achieve closer collaboration that contributes to even more efficient and beneficial utilization of the systems we receive through Azure.

The fact that both KPMG and Microsoft are globally accessible represents great opportunities to further strengthen the collaborative client work. Also, Azure is built on an infrastructure with an environmental focus, including the use of renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions – something few others can maintain.

– Together, we can strengthen the alliance and, most importantly, contribute to improving both people’s everyday lives and the environment, Anders says.

Azure – What and why?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with almost unlimited possibilities for businesses that consider themselves to be technology-driven. Here, you can find everything from simple storage solutions to the latest in AI – all available as a pay-as-you-go service.

Not everyone knows that popular AI services like Microsoft Copilot and OpenAI ChatGPT use Azure – without Azure, these tools would probably not have existed as we know them today.

Anders highlights three areas of particular interest today:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analysis
  2. Modernization of applications and data centers
  3. Digital security and control

The cloud platform offers a range of services and tools to support the development of AI and machine learning.

Anders further highlights three technology solutions where Azure supports effective AI applications:

  1. Azure AI Services
  2. Azure Integration Services
  3. Azure Data & Analytics

By using the right components from these service areas, one can technically build pilots for new AI applications in an impressively short time. One of the things Anders finds most fascinating is how Azure provides equal business opportunities for all enterprises, both small and large.

– What can be challenging, however, is addressing all the risks of building services exposed on the internet and using functionality that many still have little experience with. This is something we at KPMG have been working on for a long time, and we have the expertise and experience to help companies gain control, he says. – This allows us to help our clients gain even more value from their investments in a safe and secure manner, such as expanding the functionality of Microsoft Copilot to automate business processes.

Norway as a leading country

Some countries and regions have made more progress than others in exploring the possibilities of the KPMG and Microsoft alliance. The Nordic region, including Norway, stands out among the truly significant ones.

– We are also at the forefront when it comes to working with the latest technology. Not least, we are considered good at communicating well internally, also across departments, disciplines, and service areas. These are important recognitions because it means that KPMG Norway is considered a pioneer in using our interdisciplinary approach to enhance the quality of our deliveries.

As he now aims to further invest in expanding interdisciplinary collaboration, the “we” mentality is Anders’ focus.

– Everyone must have a mindset that revolves around community – that together, we create leading, comprehensive solutions with the highest quality at every level. At KPMG, we are concerned with how our values; “Integrity”, “Excellence”, “Courage”, “Together”, and “For Better” should always permeate how we work and develop. I think these five values essentially sum up what we need to keep in mind as we contribute to ensuring our clients succeed both today and in the future.