Changing consumer behaviours and today’s food risks and challenges are influencing the future of food. Canadians want to know where their food is coming from, how it’s produced and how it ties into their values. They are also concerned about food insecurity as a result of inflation, climate change and geopolitical instability.

Feeding Canada takes a look at the factors driving the future of food, with three major themes:

  • Food trust, safety and traceability
  • Food insecurity and the rising cost of food
  • Preparing for the future of food

With more Canadians driving demand for greater transparency and security in the food system, stakeholders across the food value chain need to understand where consumer needs are going and how they can adapt to meet those needs while solving for food insecurity.

Read our insights to learn more about bold food trends, innovative technologies, and fresh approaches that can address today’s challenges and align with the future customer.

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