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Threats to organizational integrity are increasing, whether from within the organization, third-parties or beyond. Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes, litigation, data security and regulatory requirements can all impact organizational finances, integrity and reputation. There is also the increasing sophistication of organized crime and terrorism, as well as new challenges from technology, cross-border disputes, emerging markets, complex supply chains and intellectual property theft. Organizations that proactively monitor and respond to these risks can effectively mitigate threats, helping ensure trust and enhance resilience.

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KPMG forensic professionals extend across a multitude of dimensions, from bolstering controls and helping ensure compliance to conducting meticulous investigations and developing integrated solutions. Anchored in these efforts is the cultivation of trust—an indispensable foundation for sustainable success.

KPMG firms’ professionals encompass a diverse range of skills, including forensic accountants, investigators, data scientists, compliance practitioners, and cyber response experts. From proactive prevention to meticulous detection and resolute response, we focus not just on mitigating risks, but also shielding you from reputational and financial impacts.

KPMG professionals can provide expert testimony and assist in resolving complex cross-border disputes, whether representing the claimant, respondent, or by serving as an impartial arbitrator. We also offer advisory services tailored to regulated sectors and employ data-driven analysis to help strengthen strategies in disputes, regulatory negotiations and government dialogues.

KPMG professionals can assess, design and enhance risk and compliance programs to mitigate vulnerabilities to fraud, corruption, misconduct and a myriad of third-party risks. We also assist in establishing and enhancing proactive analytics to prevent and detect such risks with the aim towards meeting governance and regulatory compliance.

KPMG firms’ wide-ranging approach can help contextualize financial crime within clients' operations, leveraging KPMG's global risk expertise and employing a suite of advanced risk technology tools that incorporate AI, machine learning and data analytics. Our professionals can enhance enterprise-wide resilience, merging risk management with commercial advancement to help drive performance, efficiency and customer experience improvements while uncovering untapped opportunities.

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KPMG firms strive to help organizations achieve among the highest levels of compliance and efficiency in managing records and information, developing repeatable business processes for responding to investigations, legal and regulatory requests and detecting fraud and misconduct through data analytics.

KPMG professionals aid organizations affected by fraud, corruption, misconduct, cybercrime or financial crime in adeptly uncovering facts and managing the aftermath. Our support includes asset recovery, pursuing perpetrators and mitigating reputational and financial harm. Our skilled forensic experts, versed in cross-border and sector-specific knowledge, conduct precise investigations, analyzing intricate financial data to offer succinct reports for informed assessment and responsive action.


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