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KPMG Lighthouse brings together team of KPMG professionals around the world who are dedicated to helping businesses enhance value from data, AI and all of today’s revolutionary new technologies. From ideation and design through to build and run, KPMG professionals help you navigate key technical decisions and launch informed initiatives – ultimately positioning you to solve complex business challenges and create real value through cutting-edge transformation.

KPMG specialists provide leading expertise and industry best practices in data use, AI and advanced analytics, automation, enterprise data platforms and software development to help achieve outcomes that can meet your unique business objectives. We embed data, AI and emerging technologies with a business-first approach and available capabilities are highly regarded by leading global market analysts.


How KPMG can help you

KPMG professionals aim to help you transform your business by unlocking value and addressing costs, risks and growth strategies. By combining data, Al and emerging digital technologies with the guidance of a global organization  of specialists, the teams strive to enhance business performance and create market differentiation in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Simply put, we’re here to make a difference.


Data is at the core of efficient business processes, timely marketplace insights and informed decision-making. KPMG firms’ data services are helping clients translate large, complex data landscapes into real, actionable insights. Data strategy and governance provide the foundations needed to generate and capitalize on analytics insights and smarter decision-making. KPMG firms’ industry-leading data capabilities include: data strategy and architecture, management and governance, engineering and integration, and analytics and visualization tools.

AI and advanced analytics

KPMG firms’ AI and advanced analytics services are designed to unlock significant business value from data. By designing, building and deploying analytical models and AI at scale organization-wide, teams can enable better and faster decisions, identify new opportunities for growth, help reduce operational costs and help to improve customer experiences. These capabilities include: forecasting and optimization, machine learning, natural-language processing, and machine vision models that analyze digital images, video and other visual inputs.


KPMG Lighthouse automation services provide a structured approach to building, integrating and scaling revolutionary automation capabilities. KPMG professionals utilize technology to help automate, streamline and improve manufacturing processes, as well as to modify existing technology or create new systems that require less human interaction. The expected result can be vastly improved speed and efficiency organization-wide, reduced friction in processes, lower operational costs and enhanced quality. These capabilities include low-code application development, RPA to automate repetitive tasks, and process mining.

Enterprise Data Platforms

KPMG firms’ Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) services are helping businesses build centralized repositories for key organizational data across an array of key functions and needs. Our experts are showing how to improve and get more value out of essential business functions such as marketing, business intelligence, analytics and other capabilities that all need to be optimized enterprise-wide. Our EDP delivery is underpinned by three key data services – platform architecture, integration and implementation​

Software development

KPMG firms’ software-development services provide structured activities and processes to define, design, develop, deploy and support software for small to medium-sized proprietary applications. KPMG professionals’ expertise covers four main service areas to deliver modern digital capabilities that can drive value: cloud-native app development, software engineering and integration, software quality assurance, and emerging technology such as quantum computing, blockchain, generative AI and digital-twinning.

Our approach

At KPMG firms, the goal it to embed data, AI and emerging digital technologies using a business-led approach in order to identify and help consistently achieve the right outcomes for your unique business. KPMG professionals collaborate closely to help solve some of today’s most complex business challenges with industry-leading expertise in each of the servicesoffered. KPMG professionals also aim to ensure that your strategy, implementation and processes are optimized to the demands of your sector and specific markets. KPMG specialists understand how complex and intimidating change can be in today’s bold and unprecedented reality. The future doesn’t wait and KPMG teams are here to help make a difference as you navigate the journey to new opportunities. 


Transforming for a future of value

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. KPMG firms' suite of business transformation technology solutions can help you engineer a different future – of new opportunities that are designed to create and protect value.

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Throughout this document, “we”, “KPMG”, “us” and “our” refers to the global organization or to one or more of the member firms of KPMG International Limited (“KPMG International”), each of which is a separate legal entity.