Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

The post-pandemic world offers opportunities to those Filipino companies willing to evolve. Research shows that brands should strategize to elevate their brand’s perception and appeal, build brand loyalty to fight increasing competition, and innovate and adapt to changing customer behavior.

Here the Philippines’ Restaurant and fast-food sector provides a solid case study of success. The sector suffered immensely at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but by rapidly evolving and innovating towards deliveries through online apps, it comes in first place in this year’s CEE sector rankings.

2022’s highest ranked brand – Filipino fintech platform GCash – has proved that it too can adapt to the challenges of the past two years, delivering for its customers during the pandemic and maintaining its status as the undisputed leader in fintech.

Digital transactions have become the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic and GCash, a mobile wallet, payments, and branchless banking service, has taken full advantage. Today the company has over 60 million users across the Philippines (a country of 110 million) and has enhanced its financial lifestyle services to boost customer engagement.

GCash has introduced multiple apps to support customers with everyday issues. The company's two new lending products, GLoan and GGives (Buy Now Pay Later), battle the predatory rates of informal lenders, and mini apps integrated within the GCash app such as GLife - with more than five million merchants and social sellers accepting digital money payments - has provided convenience in both investing and shopping for customers.

The company's program of innovation is reflective of wider market conditions; the pandemic has forced many sectors to adapt and embrace digital solutions. Philippine Airlines faced bankruptcy but is now planning on network expansion, digital innovation, and a more cargo-driven strategy. The restaurant and fast-food sector, which suffered immensely because of forced closures, has transformed with consumer preference for food deliveries.

Competition is a key customer challenge for many in the Philippines, with new brands emerging with a similar line of services or products. As the challenge of having consumers stick to just one brand increases, GCash's approach to diversifying its offer has nurtured brand loyalty (the company stood out in the CEE Loyalty pillar).

As the country deals with the 'new normal', many Filipinos have turned to online shopping to have their necessities conveniently delivered to their homes. The Filipino consumer’s preference for ease of access to obtain goods and services has switched the market trend towards e-commerce, however, most Filipinos still buy from businesses that they know and trust.

Imelda Horario Corros
Partner, Management Consulting
KPMG In the Philippines

2022 Top Ten

  01. GCash

  02. Philippine Airlines

  03. Jollibee

  04. Paypal

  05. Union Bank

  06. KFC

  07. BPI

  08. McDo

  09. SM

  10. S&R