Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

As the pandemic fades, many Italian brands are balancing the pressures of their digital offering with their traditional, brick-and-mortar presence. The Grocery sector offers perhaps the clearest example of this and this year the sector scored highest in the CEE rankings, with the unique circumstances of the past few years resulting in the speedy development of brands’ digital transformation, home delivery efficiency and customization of products on sale.

When, at the end of 2021, consumers returned to physical stores to experience a pre-COVID-19 ‘normal’, the Grocery sector’s omnichannel approach to CEE become crucial. This hybrid distribution of services is a core customer challenge for many Italian brands in 2022, while traditional companies must meet their customers’ demands for greater simplicity, shifting from a ‘vertical’ product-based value proposition to a ‘customer-centric’ approach.

One brand successfully navigating these challenges is Apple Store, which moves from the second to the first position in the CEE rankings, reaching the top five for the sixth consecutive year.

Ever the customer-centric experience business, Apple Store presents the highest-ranking values in several pillars: Expectations (8.56), Integrity (8.65) and Resolution (8.46). Customers particularly appreciate the unique customer experience that Apple Store offers in physical locations, by hiring employees who demonstrate exceptional customer focus and maximum product knowledge, each location provides expert support to clients throughout the customer journey.

Though non-grocery retail comes second to grocery retail in customer satisfaction by sector, Apple Store still managed to emerge triumphant, thanks to its attention to detail and commitment to experiential excellence. Year after year, Apple's investment in cutting-edge products continues, giving consumers reason after reason to visit their local Apple Store or explore online.

Apple Stores’ commitment to its customers simply doesn’t waiver. It boasts a unique experience for both online and high-street shoppers. Digital customers benefit from The RCC Personal Shopping Specialist figure, which helps simulate a physical store shopping experience by supporting the customer in purchasing a product on the Apple Store website using a webcam.

This demonstrates a commitment to providing the ultimate experience, seamless in both the digital and offline world. Apple Store is not only a place to shop, it’s a virtual experience that not many other websites can emulate.

“It is a brand that I am very passionate about,” said one customer. “I love visiting Apple stores and interacting with the staff, who are always very polite and knowledgeable.”

Focusing on ESG issues is the second highest customer challenge currently facing the Italian market, and Apple doesn’t shy away from its social responsibility. As part of its commitment to social good and enriching communities, Apple is expanding its Today at Apple initiative. Customers can select Apple Stores geographically near them and sign up for classes in editing, video making or other useful activities to ensure they use all the innovative features of Apple products. Stores are no longer merely a point of sale, but a place of education and idea-sharing for current and potential customers.

COVID-19 has generated a tremendous acceleration in the path of digitization of consumer behavior and consequently in the distribution models of large companies. However, this change can be seen as the easiest to manage, as it requires investment but does not transform the roots of a business. The Covid-19 pandemic has been much more disruptive; it has changed the approach to life and values of consumers, who today are no longer just looking for a good product, an efficient purchasing channel, an after-sales service that solves problems – they are asking brands for a purpose they believe in, values they identify with, a company that truly knows them and understands their needs.

Massimo Curcio
Partner, KPMG Advisory, Management Consulting,
KPMG in Italy

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