Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Indian customers are making clear demands of their brands: they want a personalized service from a brand they can trust. In this post-pandemic era it’s becoming increasingly essential for brands to become customer centric, to leverage digital to smooth their approach to CX, to be honest, reliable, trustworthy. Indeed, all the leading sectors in the CEE market rankings (entertainment and leisure, non-grocery retail and financial services) scored high in the Integrity pillar.

Historic – and trusted – hotel brand Taj Hotels has exploited digital opportunities and held off stiff competition from major global brands to take the top spot in this year’s rankings.

Taj Hotels is well known for blending the traditional with the modern. And, true to form, the luxury brand accelerated its digital transformation in the past 12 months, providing a lifeline during the pandemic and enhancing its engagement with its customers. This continuous innovation into a personalized, customer-first and COVID-safe digital offer secured Taj's place at the top of this year's Indian CEE brand rankings, holding off competition from both Indian and international hotel chains.

With more than eighty Indian hotels to its name, Taj has always been among the first to implement new technology and processes to provide a customized experience to its guests. Their impressive adoption of digital tools and services has accelerated further during the pandemic, and they've introduced digital invoicing, online payments, and a new initiative for zero touch check-ins and check-outs. These services have proved popular with customers and Taj is now piloting a mobile app to enable keyless room entry.

Moving beyond the merely practical, today's Taj Hotels' guests are served across multiple digital media channels: a Taj loyalty card program tracks the needs of its regular customers, an AI-powered growth marketing platform customizes its newsletter, and a digital media monitoring and response system - Taj Live - listens, interacts and responds to customers.

Digital innovation is, however, just one side of the coin and the brand has continued to invest in its people to ensure all-round CX excellence. Investing in its people, community and stakeholders, Taj Hotels follows value-driven recruitment for its employees, emphasising humility, discipline, and honesty. Taj employees undergo extensive training focusing on technical skills, hygiene and customer management, all of which helps the brand produce empathic employees who provide a seamless customer experience.

A recent study undertaken by KPMG revealed the customer experience parameters influencing buyers in India in 2022. These include ‘Understanding my needs’ and 'Providing what I want when I want it’. Taj’s commitment to elevating the customer experience through digital will likely ensure the company's spot at the top of the country’s CEE rankings for some years to come.

In the Indian market, brands have recognised customer experience as a key to sustained value creation and personalisation as a key pillar to drive customer loyalty

Manuj Ohri
KPMG in India

Indian brands take note: matching history and tradition while leveraging digital's ability to personalise service is a winning formula.

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