A rapid cross-functional planning and decision-making process is key to helping unlock the value of digital supply chain investments.

Digital innovation in supply chain management is helping to improve customer service, cost, and efficiency. However, many organizations have invested in new technologies but failed to address the human element — specifically, how can employees more easily share and absorb all the valuable new data to make faster decisions and drive better outcomes?

Once a strong cross-functional planning and decision-making process has been created, businesses can look to achieve:

  • Improved long-term planning focused on customers
  • Faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Clearer visibility into supply and demand trends and disruptions
  • Increased productivity through process automation and exception management
  • Increased service levels leading to deeper customer loyalty
  • Less expediting and lower premium transportation costs
  • Aligned working capital and reduced inventory reserves
  • Greater ability to adapt to changing market conditions

Download our latest paper to understand the challenges and approaches for enabling the promise of digital supply chain, with a particular focus on the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process; how to begin simplifying and accelerating decision-making; and the tangible value of faster decisions.


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