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Webcast: EU Mandatory Disclosure regime: DAC6 state of play - November 14, 2019

The EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (DAC6) is a far-reaching piece of legislation, creating significant new tax governance obligations for organizations operating across borders. The details of how DAC6 is implemented in different jurisdictions across the EU should be monitored by potentially impacted groups that seek to understand the practical impacts for the way they do global business.

With just over two months remaining for EU member states to complete their legislative processes and several non-EU jurisdictions considering implementing similar rules, the pace of developments is quickening, with draft legislation now available in many key jurisdictions. KPMG is therefore pleased to invite you to its November webcast focusing on the evolving impacts of mandatory disclosure rules for multinational groups.

The session focused on the latest developments, highlighting key themes and potential areas of difficulty. We also discussed how businesses might address the practical issues arising - including through the use of technology solutions.

Presenters include:

  • Rodney Lawrence, Global Head of International Tax, KPMG International
  • Robert van der Jagt, KPMG EU Tax Centre
  • Raluca Enache, KPMG EU Tax Centre
  • Claus Jochimsen, Head of International Tax, KPMG in Germany.

Watch the replay here.

View the presentation here. 


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