When we think about history, it’s not just about remembering past events, but also learning to better face future challenges. From the stories of leaders and colleagues across the world, we can distil invaluable lessons to empower the next generation and encourage more women to make diverse contributions in many fields.

In our new blog series, STEMphasis, you will hear from 12 extraordinary KPMG women who all bring their STEM skills to work every day. Each of these women built a dynamic career in insurance. And they started out by ‘swimming against the current’ and pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Whether you are a young woman considering STEM, a mid-career professional who’s curious about developing in STEM, or an insurance leader who wants to empower change, this series is for you.

As a STEM woman in insurance myself, I see the important role that STEM-educated women can play in this sector. The industry is transforming itself, embracing massive digitization and adapting to meet the critical protection needs of individuals and businesses. It needs great people to help navigate these times, including STEM women, who sometimes overlook careers in this historic but fast-changing industry. There is so much potential ahead, with the right STEMphasis.

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