Demographic and economic changes, along with advances in digital technology, are rapidly altering customer behaviour. Agile and forward-thinking businesses see significant opportunities in these shifts.

Informed and sceptical consumers now hold businesses to higher standards, making customer-centricity and loyalty essential for survival. Leading companies are becoming digitally enabled and customer-focused to meet these demands and create new value.

Understanding customer motivations, decision-making, and experiences is key to fostering loyalty and achieving growth today and in the future.

KPMG helps organisations transform and lead through bringing together a unique blend of insight, analytical and business change expertise.

How we can help

Voice of Customer

KPMG leverages deep business understanding to ensure VoC delivers real business impact around the decisions your organisation needs to take to become more customer led. We do this through:

Either reconfiguring your current VoC programme to ensure it delivers desired business outcomes and connecting it to your wider BI and decision-making landscape. We conduct a full-scale assessment and redesign of what you have in place, building the programme around your organisational structure, strategy, operations, technology and data systems.

Alternatively, we can design, build and deliver a new business centric Voice of the Customer programme, configuring your programme around decisions to made and outcomes to be achieved, integrating multiple data signals, connecting CX to financial value through advanced analytics, deploying the best-in-class tech solution to democratise insights and establishing a system of change management aligned to existing decision-making systems to drive real business change. 

Our connected Voice of the Customer programmes drive transformation initiatives and unlock growth opportunities, helping businesses prioritise what matters most to your customers.

Connected Customer Insights

Competing in today’s world demands a different approach to insight. Historically dis-connected, siloed operations focusing on their narrow field of business and competing for share of attention amongst business decision makers are no longer able to drive a competitive advantage. 

Consequently, many organisations invest in supercharging their insight capabilities. But many do so by extenuating existing problems: uncoordinated investment in data capabilities, new analytics teams and emerging customer technology create new siloes. 

Our approach is different: Designing an insight ecosystem based on business needs, aligning data, analytics and insight skills with the right processes and technology to truly drive insight centric decision making across the front office ensures that our clients have the insights they need, when they need it. 

We do this by combining our market-leading data and insight expertise with business change capabilities. This means we forge the crucial links between consumer data, insight generation and decision-making within your business.

 Your insight capability becomes purposeful, connected and valued – and, via a deep consumer understanding, improves the choices you make as a business.

Customer Analytics

An effective customer analytics capability is a pre-requisite to compete in today’s customer centric world. But many organisations struggle to scale their capabilities beyond a set of narrow use cases, failing to maximise the value of their investments. 

KPMG’s business centric approach counteracts this. Working with our alliance partners and drawing on the expertise of our 3000 person strong Ignition team we bring the latest methods in data science and analytical value creation into your front office. 

Our pre-built accelerators such as the KPMG signals library enriches existing data sets with critical external insights that will help you manage your business in an ever complex environment. 

Our deep expertise in marketing, sales, service and e-commerce means that we understand where the value can be created. Our understanding of your data and technology ecosystem allow us to establish an analytics function that is embedded in your specific ecosystems to deliver value at scale quickly. 

Customer Experience Excellence Centre

KPMG’s Experience Excellence Centre is an international Customer think tank and the largest global repository of CX best practice, consisting close to 5 million customer evaluations of more than 4,000 brands in 30+ markets. 

We draw on this unique best practice knowledge to help clients understand: 

  • the latest trends in Customer Experience
  • what defines Experience Excellence through the lens of the Six Pillars 
  • performance against world leading brands both within and outside sector cohorts 
  • which areas of the experience to focus and prioritise 
  • which leading brands to learn from and inspire change

Talk to our customer insight and analytics expert

Tim is head of KPMG’s Customer & Operations Practice, focused on helping clients grow faster and more effectively. He does this by helping deliver the best customer, digital and employee experiences. The practice’s work spans customer analytics, experience design and technology, focused on sales, service and marketing transformation.

With 20 years’ experience running customer experience, strategy, insight and analytics programmes around the world, Tim has helped clients to achieve stronger business results by helping them to better understand and design their organisations around the customer. His focus is to help clients put in place more advanced growth strategies that can help to remove cost more effectively or maximise the rate of customer acquisition and/or retention.

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