Developing a deep understanding of the New Customer will require going beyond just traditional insights. In this new reality, measuring and monitoring market signals, customer sentiment and internal data at pace will become increasingly important for businesses to adapt, compete and identify the opportunities for growth.

For over 11 years, KPMG Nunwood has delivered success for leading organisations across all industries and sectors through a dedicated team of experienced insights and analytics experts. KPMG Nunwood provides end-to-end research and applies big data approaches that can help your business to stand out, reinvent, innovate and transform. 

How we can help

Voice of Customer

Our programmes help you to accelerate your growth decisions and drive effective change to deliver commercial outcomes.

We help you achieve a 360 degree view of your customers. We do this by analysing multiple data sources across the entire purchase and engagement journey, bringing clarity to these data signals.

Using sophisticated and advanced analytics, scientific methodology and our global proprietary Six Pillar benchmarking, we help you prioritise and focus on what matters most. This level of insight can uncover growth potential and innovation opportunities in cost management and marketing, as well as brands and transformation initiatives.

Continuous Omnichannel Topic Signals

To help businesses respond with agilty, our real-time machine learning AI-enabled solution provides a rapid insight to changes as they happen. Embedded to any data and analytics platform, it can help you act swiftly to market and experience changes.

Integrating this technology alongside our advanced analytics and Six Pillar experience excellence best practice can help you continuously monitor your customer signals in real-time. This helps our clients to manage satisfaction levels across your channels to quickly identify priority areas for improvement.

Establishing a Data Centre of Excellence

To identify and exploit the commercial opportunity in data, we can help you create a Data Centre of Excellence to support business areas such as HR, Marketing and Finance with a single source of truth.

Offering scalability, this comprehensive approach can help leaders make the strategic and tactical decisions they need. From providing performance indicators across sales, demand and customer behaviour to colleagues and suppliers, to inform better forecasting and visualise scenario modelling to bring long-lasting results.

Talk to our customer insight and analytics expert

Tim is deputy head of KPMG’s Customer Practice, focused on helping clients grow faster and more effectively. He does this by helping deliver the best customer, digital and employee experiences. The practice’s work spans customer analytics, experience design and technology, focused on sales, service and marketing transformation. Tim is also accountable for KPMG Nunwood, our customer experience insights business. 

With 20 years’ experience running customer experience, strategy, insight and analytics programmes around the world, Tim has helped clients to achieve stronger business results by helping them to better understand and design their organisations around the customer. His focus is to help clients put in place more advanced growth strategies that can help to remove cost more effectively or maximise the rate of customer acquisition and/or retention. 

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