The Connected Future for Transport

New operating models to join up delivery for customers, make better use of technology and reduce cost.

The challenges for organisations that deliver transport services and are stewards of transport infrastructure are profound. How can leaders in the sector simultaneously address cost pressures, shifting user expectations, the need to decarbonise transport services, market disruption and new technologies?

How do you prioritise and sequence transformation to achieve a sustainable, risk optimised route to a lower cost and high performing organisation? And how do you do this while protecting essential services, building public trust and employee confidence?

Forward-looking leaders are already responding to the signals of change, learning to change the way their organisations work by connecting customer insight and digital opportunities with their workforce and supply chain strategies to establish more effective approaches to delivering change.

Interviews of 483 leaders from public transportation organisations show 41% of global public transport leaders put improving customer experience as a top strategic goal.

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Connected Transport from KPMG

Our Connected methodology aligns the workforce, technology and citizens to put the needs of transport users at the heart of an organisation’s operating model.

Our approach helps transport providers assess their existing capabilities, identify and prioritise gaps, and manage transformation across the enterprise to create and embrace the future. It is aboutaligning the operating-model to deliver a more effective design for the organisation, and then working alongside your teams to bring it to life.

Make powerful progress to future-proof your organisation.

What does a connected future look like for transport?

How can you drive better decision making?

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Insight-driven strategies and actions

Using data, advanced analytics and insights with real-time understanding of the passenger needs and preferences can help shape better informed decisions.

How do you meet passenger expectations while managing affordability?​

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Citizen-centricity by design

Improve the user experience by designing seamless experiences and align the operating model “outside-in” to the needs of users.

How do you achieve streamlined supply chain operations?​

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Analytics-powered supply chain management

Smarter operations and supply chain management are key to providing joined up, cost-effective, low-carbon, trusted transport services.

What are the 8 Connected Transport capabilities?

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

The most successful organisations invest in eight capabilities which span all areas of the customer experience. This ensures a connected organisation that goes beyond cross-channel interactions.

Those that invest in all eight capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve objectives and deliver return on investment.

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