Reimagine streamlined and intelligent citizen focused services

Government and public sector organisations and services need to modernise and adapt in a rapidly changing world. With budgets under pressure and value for money paramount, more must be delivered for less.  

The age of remote public bureaucracy is gone. Citizens expect digital, user-friendly, personalised services that are simple to navigate and help them get their business done. The challenge – and the opportunity – to reimagine public services is huge. 

At KPMG, we have unparalleled experience working across the breadth of the public sector to catalyse change. We proactively support and advise clients in central and local government, healthcare, education, social housing, police, infrastructure and transport on the pressing issues they are facing today.  

Through our extensive global network, we bring together multi-disciplinary teams of sector specialists (including many practitioners who are former public servants themselves) and technical experts to help public sector bodies achieve greater effectiveness and efficiencies, drive positive business outcomes and generate more citizen-centric solutions.  

We combine deep sector insight with complex IT and infrastructure expertise to deliver powerful progress across complex programmes: solutions that are shaped by experience, powered by data and balanced by the human touch. 

Our difference

We truly know and understand the dynamics of the public sector. And we have the deep technical expertise and real-world experience to help it transform. Working side by side, we can create new pathways for better outcomes for public bodies and citizens alike. 

Our areas of work with government & public sector clients

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Technology & data solutions

To deliver citizen-centric services, government and public sector bodies need to digitally transform. Many systems are built on legacy technology, disconnected from each other and unable to provide the seamless experience citizens are used to elsewhere.

Modernisation and digitisation are key priorities. This will also enable organisations to unlock data from its silos and create a joined-up view – increasing the ability to design services based on citizens’ and users’ needs.

Budgets are a constraining factor – but through our proven, pre-built methodologies and templates, KPMG helps organisations become connected enterprises and transform faster, saving time and money.

We bring our technology expertise and deep public sector experience to bear, creating new pathways to better outcomes: more efficient services, enhanced public satisfaction and trust.

Strategic change & delivery

As society and communities continue to evolve in a rapidly changing world, government and public sector bodies need to make big strategic calls on their purpose, priorities and operational model. Strategic redesigns may be needed to stay relevant and cost-effective, support citizens and users, and meet public service goals.

But strategic change in complex organisations is hard to plan and implement – especially when there are so many demands and pressures in the day-to-day.

KPMG can help. We help clients break down challenges into manageable steps, supported by data, to create truly deliverable transformations.

We have a proven track record in overcoming complex challenges, applying global best practice and local knowledge to help organisations make powerful progress on the road to change.

Operations & effectiveness

With rising demand for services and limited budgets, government and public sector bodies face a difficult challenge. They need to do more with less if they are to deliver the services that the public increasingly expects.

Digitisation is one of the gateways to achieving this – standardising processes, enabling citizens to self-serve more, and unlocking data for actionable insight and smarter decisions.

At KPMG, we have an extensive track record of delivering both digital and wider operational performance transformation in the public sector. We help organisations become efficient and connected enterprises, powered by data but balanced by the human touch.

Working with service leaders, we identify and remove bottlenecks, improving efficiency without sacrificing service quality. Leaders are freed up from firefighting so they can plan effectively for the long term: improving outcomes and catalysing change.

People & engagement

Public services must have people at their heart, being designed around the needs of citizens as individuals and keeping the human touch.

They are also delivered by people – and for government and public sector bodies, the size, experience and diversity of the workforce is a unique and valuable asset.

But there are challenges to overcome. Pay constraints and perceptions of a bureaucratic environment make successful recruitment hard. For those already working in the sector, siloed organisational structures can lead to a sense of isolation from leadership, which sometimes manifests itself as resistance to change.

Leaders need to rise to the challenge – refreshing and energising the people proposition, creating a high-skills environment, and building a renewed sense of purpose and engagement.

KPMG has the skills and experience to help. We support public sector organisations to find a dynamic way forward, designing, embedding and communicating compelling people-centric models that inspire staff and lead to improved outcomes for citizens too.

Assurance & reporting

Trust is the foundation upon which public services stand or fall. Maintaining that trust depends not just on delivering high-quality services to citizens, but doing so in ways that are ethical, transparent and secure.

Expectations of government and public sector organisations are rising. Regulators are increasing their focus on how public services are delivered, the safety of personal information, and the quality of the outcomes achieved. Environmental sustainability and the net zero agenda are critical areas too.

Against this background, robust risk management and mitigation has never been more important, including in response to growing cyber threats.

At KPMG, we work with organisations across the public sector to meet the governance challenges. We help organisations strengthen systems through rigorous testing and assurance, and advise on best practice approaches that catalyse change, build enduring trust and secure a sustainable future.

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