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Is artificial intelligence going to replace tax professionals? What does the future of tax really look like with AI?

Stuart Tait, Partner, and Chief Technology Officer for Tax & Legal was joined in conversation with Benjamin Alarie, Founder and CEO of Blue J, to discuss some of these big questions for tax leaders.

Watch the video for our full discussion on how:

  • Tech and people are better together and tax leaders using AI will replace those that don’t.
  • AI is vital to handling growing complexity as tax authorities will increasingly use AI to identify and close vulnerabilities in tax systems.
  • AI is getting smarter, fast. While there’s plenty of debate about how long it will be before we have fully automated tax planning, AI is quickly accelerating. Blue J is already harnessing large language models like ChatGPT.

KPMG’s tax experts are supporting leaders around the world, as they position their tax functions to thrive in an AI based future. For more information, get in touch with Stuart Tait or your KPMG representative. 

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