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Our industries are experiencing a confluence of multi-dimensional advances and opportunities never seen before – relatively easier and economical capture of large quantum of data, complex models and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine-learning-enabled decisions, robotic process automation, cloud computing and storage, collaborative networking and 5G, and increasing network and cyber security. This has allowed businesses to be competitive, productive and profitable. Corporations are better governed and able to give a superior experience and quality of life to their employees and business partners.

At KPMG in India, we appreciate the scale of this opportunity and have marshalled some of the best resources and knowledge globally to create KPMG Industrial Automation, Intelligence and Digitalisation services. These bring together the depth of our understanding of the business and wider industry, knowledge of technology and digital layers, data analytics, cyber security, programme management, to create an end-to-end value-based transformation. We help companies in starting early by setting the right objectives and culture, assessing the landscape, selecting the right technologies and digital tools, and programme managing the implementation to deliver on the business cases and create benefits. Our KPMG Industrial Automation, Intelligence and Digitalisation services leverage the full-services firm advantage that KPMG offers, in addition to our innovation centres (KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope), our open innovation platform for startups and a prolific pool of global and local alliance partners.

We believe that generic digital solutions are difficult to adapt and offer limited improvement potential. Our approach is bespoke - industry specific methodologies and ready use-cases that are easy to adapt and customise for your individual businesses to enhance performance. Our tailored services factor in end-user preferences that make change management effective and efficient. Moreover, we offer end to end solutions to help drive digital transformation for both green-field and brown-field projects.

Our KPMG Industrial Automation, Intelligence and Digitalisation team helps clients drive digital initiatives across the entire product lifecycle, right from design, sales and marketing, manufacturing, project management, supply chain & logistics, enabling / support processes and aftermarket / customer service.

How can we help?

We offer industry specific solutions that are customised for your unique businesses. These cover multiple aspects including:

  • Delivering on your business goals by offering a digitally-led transformation
  • Digital maturity assessment and benchmarking
  • Digitally-led process transformations - e.g. sales, production, supply chain solution, project management
  • Predictive forecasting, analytics and insight generation, decision making support
  • Digital twin of entire process or service line
  • AR/VR solutions for design, production, manufacturing and service teams.

Our service offerings

Customised services focused around resolving the key challenges of the following industries

  • Construction and engineering procurement & commissioning (EP&C)
  • Power generation utilities
  • Oil and gas, petrochemicals and process plants
  • Metals and mining
  • Industrial manufacturing 
  • Consumer markets and retail.

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