Studies an organisation’s focus and stewardship of the natural environment, energy use, recycling practices, pollution control, and conserving resources.



Inspects an organisation’s management of relationships with its employees, suppliers, customer, stakeholders, and the community at large. Sparkle



Considers the organisation’s management structure, executive compensation, internal controls, and Stakeholder rights. Meeting room


  • ESG drives long-term returns.
  • Material ESG risks are gaining global stakeholder attention.
  • Better ESG performances are becoming a hallmark of a healthier enterprise.
  • ESG topics are becoming the centre point of stakeholder dialogue.
  • Disclosure requirements on ESG aspects are becoming prevalent globally.

ESG services

Strategy and Design
Reporting and Assurance
Due diligence and investment analysis
KPMG in India is well placed to assist corporates and investors with their ESG transition. With experienced professionals who have helped various businesses integrate ESG into their strategies, we can help you in this journey through the following service offerings:


Integrating ESG into the business through ESG roadmap including relevant policy development.
Define ESG governance structure.
Design ESG action plan and function-specific Key performance indicators (KPIs).


Design ESG linked financial instruments
Design product and services with E&S Impact


Develop ESG management system framework.
Design customised ESG risk assessment tools.
Implementation support.
Capacity building workshops.
Design customised ESG training modules.

Due diligence

Screening of ESG risks and opportunities.
Identifying existing and potential ESG liabilities and prioritisation.
Assist in formulating ESG risk mitigation roadmap.
Post deal support – setting up ESG integration systems and periodic assessments.

Investment analysis

Development of credit rating framework.
Portfolio risk analysis.
Conduct ESG impact assessment to identify the value created.


Identify reporting standards relevant to business.
Design data collection and disclosure systems.
Develop ESG/sustainability reports.
Assist in market indices participation such as Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), etc.


Conduct third party review and validation of risk management and ESG performance.
Third-party assurance of ESG disclosures.


ESG team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of environmental, safety, social, corporate governance, and finance specialists well-versed with ESG leading practices. Our team of professionals have delivered ESG engagements with extensive knowledge across various sectors such as energy, healthcare, infrastructure, financial services, and industrial manufacturing.

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