Unlock ESG opportunities to enhance trust, mitigate risk and create new value, starting now.

KPMG in India can help turn your ESG aspirations into action. Our ESG solutions are both holistic and practical. With capabilities that span the enterprise, we can help instill sustainable innovations across your business and help you gain a competitive edge. With deep multidiscipline expertise across critical issues—including decarbonisation, climate resilience, energy transition, reporting, sustainable finance, and social—we’ll help you create the right blueprint for integrating ESG. We go beyond strategy, working with you at each step of your ESG transformation to unlock new value as you build a sustainable future.


Studies an organisation’s focus and stewardship of the natural environment, energy use, recycling practices, pollution control, and conserving resources.



Inspects an organisation’s management of relationships with its employees, suppliers, customer, stakeholders, and the community at large. Sparkle



Considers the organisation’s management structure, executive compensation, internal controls, and stakeholder rights. Meeting room

Yezdi Nagporewalla

Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in India

“India is a key growth area for KPMG and ESG is a watermark for our organisation. It transcends departments and service lines. It defines who we are and how we do business. For the clients we serve, ESG is a driver for business strategy and growth.”

Namrata Rana

Head of ESG, KPMG in India

“A crucial component of sustainable growth needs to be the India stack for sustainability. A technology-first and sustainability-ready digital infrastructure that helps manage ecosystems, energy needs, waste, and water resources. India can use its strengths in technology and an intrinsic understanding of digital innovation and circularity to show what a sustainability-first economy really looks like. Artificial intelligence and different tenets of sustainability can both be harnessed for a greener and yet more prosperous India.”

KPMG in action

The impact we promised and delivered

  • Excellence in social

    Excellence in social

    Transformational impact for early childhood care centers in India

    KPMG in India is helping impart best-in-class curriculum through smart TVs, hygienic hot-cooked meals, and customized skill training for front line workers (mainly women).

  • Excellence in strategy, transformation, and Implementation

    Excellence in strategy, transformation, and Implementation

    Accelerating smart power and renewable energy in India

    KPMG in India is helping shape policy, mobilize investments and build clean energy capacity addition working with a global financial institution.

  • Excellence in decarbonization, climate and nature

    Excellence in decarbonization, climate and nature

    Eco-Industrial park framework preparation

    KPMG in India is helping frame guidelines for new industrial zone development to promote sustainable industrialization at national and regional levels.

KPMG Impact Plan

We believe that sustainable growth is the only way to build a successful business and have a lasting positive impact on our environment and society. That’s why we’ve published our ESG commitments in Our Impact Plan.

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