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Business models are changing using digital enablers more now than ever. It’s fair to say ‘go digital’ or sink, even in traditional sectors where new entrants are challenging entrenched players by revamping operations and client acquisition mechanisms.

KPMG in India works with clients to determine how their industry sector, business functions and digital capabilities need to change. We see that every sector has a real opportunity to engineer a different future through accelerating their digital journey, unlocking new opportunities for growth, agility, innovation and resilience.

For all the complexity, there is an optimum shape for your organization to deliver sustainable growth and outcomes that matter.

Power of Digital

Start by asking the right questions

  • What is the new normal in your business model? Is your business prepared to respond effectively and adapt to unforeseen challenges and disruptions?
  • Are you aware as to how mature your organisation is to handle digital native customers and competitors?
  • Are you leveraging the latest advances in technology to remotely connect your employees, customers and suppliers?
  • How much do you ‘value’ enterprise data that is generated by your applications and departments?
  • How invested are you in cybersecurity?
  • How do you use cloud for business transformation?

Digital strategy

Conceptualise, design, realise and govern technology initiatives
Drive front, mid and back-office transformation
Revenue augmentation and cost optimisation

KPMG Lighthouse, the Global Center for Data, AI & Emerging Technologies

Data and Analytics
AI Platform