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The role of Managed Services providers has changed from being a mere vehicle of transactional execution to that of value driven strategic partner. As per a study conducted by HFS and KPMG Managed Services team in the US in October 2021 on 800 executives in a various sectors, including government, financial services, life sciences, retail, travel, and healthcare, the adoption of Managed Services has accelerated as firms seek more than just cost reduction and increased efficiency. 97% of the executives believe that using Managed Services at scale has brought about significant strategic, operational and financial benefits to their firm.

Key findings


Managed Services is the most effective delivery model for the type of work that providers offer

Nearly 9 in 10 executives agree.


Most companies plan to boost spending on Managed Services over the next two years

75% of respondents said so, and the projected increase is often by significant margins.


Those using Managed Services see substantial operational and financial rewards

97% anticipate that using Managed Services at scale will boost profits. Nearly three-quarters expect improved employee and customer satisfaction.


Managed Services already has traction in knowledge-intensive activities

Over 40% respondants say Managed Services are used for more than half of their organization's activities in IT, cybersecurity, Risk compliance, and business performance. 

Source : HFS and KPMG Managed Services team in US Outlook


The top goals for using Managed Services are cost savings, innovation & speed

86% of respondents cite savings and innovation, 83% cite accelerated outcomes.

Beyond Cost Savings

Most businesses are operating under immense market pressure. While traditional outsourcing can reduce costs and produce leaner operations, Managed Services takes a more holistic approach evolving into true partnership by offering a whole spectrum of services in one or more domain as opposed to providing just a service. As per the study by HFS and KPMG Managed Services team in the US, nine out of ten organization said that their top criteria for selecting Managed Service goes beyond just cost saving and includes driving innovation improving stakeholders’ experience and supporting digital transformation.

A new value proposition for Managed Services


Cost savings


Drive Innovation


Improve stakeholder experience


Support digital strategy and transformation

KPMG in India Managed Services

Our Managed Services brings the right blend of human + machine with expertise to the core of your business operations

  • Bringing a radical user experience through our transformational delivery
  • Co-create and co-innovate to drive transformation that results in value-centred business outcomes
  • Delivering business impact that keeps you ahead of the curve on applicable compliance and regulatory matters
  • Robust governance framework implying transparency and heightened accountability

3 Pillars of Managed Services


Subject matter experts

  • In-depth knowledge throughout the life of the engagement
  • Provide insights to aid decisions for optimum business outcomes
  • End to End accountability to enable you to focus on what matters to you.

Tools and technology

  • Best-in-class tools & technology providing multi-platform support
  • Enhanced client experience through people, technology, data insights and transformation
  • Keeping you ahead of the curve on all technology, compliance, and regulatory matters.

Operational excellence

  • Enabling you to focus on business impacts that are transformational than tactical
  • Extensive expertise of running large operations across multiple industries and business areas
  • Well-established operational processes, driving Management insights to support decision making.

Why we are the right partner for you?

Bridging the skill gap

  • Access to subject matter experts both in domain and sector
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your demands
  • Leveraging local and global talent

Smart technology and tools

  • Future-ready services, using best-of-breed technology without upfront investment
  • Touchless by design and human intervention by exception
  • Continuous value delivery throughout the project cycle

Enabling you to focus on your core competency

  • Offload time-consuming transactional activities to focus on pivotal areas
  • Get real-time visibility and control on your processes
  • Easy to scale up or down as required

Cost efficiencies and better cost control

  • Predictability in cost structure
  • Identifying opportunities to save working capital
  • Flexible business model

Our Managed Services offerings

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