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KPMG in India sports consulting services help sports organisations create, enhance, and preserve value by improving business performance. Our global team of professionals has decades of experience designing and delivering tailored strategies that drive growth through strategic planning, business transformation and implementation of best practices.

We help sports organisations of all sizes and develop sustainable growth, competitive advantage and improved performance. We focus on improving business performance, turning opportunities into action and developing winning strategies for you.

Our areas of expertise

Attendance is more likely to be connected to the entertainment value of the event and the general atmosphere, interactions and services experienced in the stadium. These motives give important guidance to sports marketers who must recognise the centrality of customer service issues in producing fan satisfaction. We help organisations in customer, fan, member analysis, sponsorship & media rights, ticket pricing, etc. Technology skills and analytics play a key role in these business areas.

Implementation partners are responsible for overseeing, maintaining, and securing sport and recreation facilities across the country. They must be able to operate within a range of constraints created by government legislation, standards, and codes, as well as maintain good relations with families and community stakeholders who are often passionate about sporting fields. We help organisations in business planning, economic analysis, funding/financing. This also includes PMO and managing large-scale infrastructure projects.

Digital technology has the capability to transform, and will continue to transform, businesses across all industries. The sports industry is undergoing rapid upheaval, and digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth. In-order to fully capitalise on those opportunities, however, sports organisations will likely need a digital overhaul that takes every aspect of the business into account – transforming people, processes and even technology.

Data and analytics is an extremely fast-growing and exciting area within sports. It can be used to help athletes improve their performance, coaches make better decisions about scheduling, and fans find relevant information about players and teams. The number of data sources growing at an exponential rate means that it will be hard for organisations to keep up with the rate of change and not be left behind in this new era. We can help in player/performance analysis, customer/fan analytics, scheduling, etc. Business performance is also a key area covered.

Sourcing the right venue, choosing a suitable number of volunteers, and organising all-weather proceedings are some of the tasks you will have to take care of in order to put together a successful sporting event. Our experienced professionals will outline everything that you need to know from sourcing avenue and selecting/enlisting suitable volunteers to arranging day-to-day logistics and taking every effort to run the event smoothly.

Sport policy and regulation have become increasingly important in the modern world. They have a profound impact on both the organisation and development of sports, as well as influencing broader policy issues. Policy and regulation are required to manage or control a perceived threat, with policies being used as a means of control over the activities of organisations or individuals. We help with government policy design and evaluation, strategy, funding, and impact evaluation.

Operations are the processes of organising, directing, and controlling specific facilities, resources, and human resources to achieve organisational goals. Our operations management experts focus on improving the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of business operations through research, planning and implementation through governance, strategy, operating models, finance, tax, HR, procurement.

Sustainability is one of the most important factors for companies today. The sports industry is no exception and has started to take notice of ESG factors in recent years. By focusing on social, environmental and governance issues, sports organisations can improve their standing with fans, gain support from new consumers, investors and help to improve their chances of long-term success.

We support several sectors in the sports industry, including sports goods manufacturers and technology companies, corporate sponsors of sport, federations and bodies that regulate sports. We analyse the potential impact of regulations by sports bodies leagues and e-sports companies to develop strategies that serve their needs. We also support our corporate customers in implementing industry best practices in their sports sponsorship programmes.

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