Buying a business

Buying a business

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists guides you in buying a business, from developing a strong acquisition strategy to helping to deliver value.

Supporting you in finding and developing transactional opportunities.

Buying a business

As you execute your company’s growth strategy through acquisitions you will
reach a number of decision points. From identifying target markets and
potential targets to running an efficient transaction process and realizing
upside or synergy value, we help you confidently navigate the complexities of
buying a business, unlocking value at every stage.  

We help identify key risks and rewards throughout the acquisition life cycle
– even for the most complex deals. We help you align deals with your strategic
business objectives, maintain compliance and enhance value from integration and potential upside opportunity.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions
during the critical stages of planning and executing an acquisition.

  • Deal strategy: How do I maximize shareholder value and returns?
  • Option identification: What businesses can I acquire in my target markets?
  • Evaluation: What is the asset worth to me?
  • Deal execution: How do I get the deal done at the right price?
  • Pre-close: How do I plan for a successful Day 1?
  • 100 days: What is my plan for delivering the deal value?
  • Value realization: How do I maximize value?

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