Upcoming Webinars October - December 2023

KPMG academy is pleased to announce its new webinar/s on technical subjects in an effort to assist its associates, clients and the general public to face the new challenges, which have brought instability to the global economy and social structures. Realising the current challenges and aiming to contribute to the recovery of the economic sectors, KPMG Academy fosters its efforts to offer expert advice and practical information on key matters.

Professionals can attend these webinars at reasonable prices, enhance their knowledge on current topics and further develop their skills to achieve business resilience.

Most of our webinars have been approved by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA). Suitable subsidies will, therefore be available to all HRDA qualifying participants.

All of our webinars may contribute to continuing professional development requirements.

For more information you may contact KPMG Academy on + 357 22207460 or via e-mail.

Technology Enablement and Transformation

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For any queries, please contact us on +357 22 207 460 or at academy@kpmg.com.cy.

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