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At KPMG, we are committed to creating lifelong relationships with our talented employees, even when life takes them in different directions. Building enduring relationships is a cornerstone of our Clear Choice Vision, so we can stay connected through our careers. 

As a Firm we engage with our alumni, since that is where friendships and loyalties lie, and we support them in numerous ways. If you decide to move on and explore new challenges, we will continue to support you after you leave us, through the KPMG Cyprus alumni programme. 

Anyone who has ever worked for KPMG can join the programme, because we value your journey with us. 

Former KPMG people stay in touch with our organisation, reconnect with their former colleagues and make valuable business contacts through the KPMG Alumni Network.

Wherever you decide to take your career after KPMG, we trust you will champion your experiences here and use the relationships and knowledge you have gained to make your mark.

Discover how the KPMG Cyprus Alumni programme can help you stay connected! 

Benefits of the programme

Join our Alumni programme to stay connected with our firm and receive alumni discounts, relevant communications and event invitations.

10% discount

Alumni members are entitled to a discount of 10% on initial participation fees in KPMG trainings and conferences. This discount can only be combined with the early bird discount and the HRDA subsidy, when applicable.

KPMG events

In addition to our professional events we also organise more informal events to keep in contact with each other. Our former colleagues are invited to our annual entertaining events. The purpose is to strengthen relationships with decision makers who are former KPMG employees.

Other KPMG subscriptions

If you would like to receive any of our other subscriptions such as newsletters & alerts, information about our seminars and conferences as well as developments in business markets, please subscribe to those when creating an account. 

Please note that the alumni programe is a private subscription only available to former employees of KPMG



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if you have any questions or need any assistance, contact us on alumni@kpmg.com.cy