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In an ever-changing business world of continuous technological disruption and economic instability, the effective practice of Project and Programme Management is essential in handling complexity, unlocking additional value and exploiting potential opportunities.

With shrinking profit margins, businesses are challenged to reinvent themselves, introduce new technologies, new business models, and change. Managing change involves preparing people to accept the “new” and for organisations to be ready to transit smoothly, in order to reap the benefits and take advantage of the change to come. The lack of Project Management methodologies along with the absence of a centralised Project Management Office, and poorly applied change management, not only expose organisations to significant business and financial risks, but also drive them away from their strategic goals.

At KPMG, we help organisations overcome the long-lasting struggle of how to adequately define Project Management and PMO roles, how to position them for long-term success and how to leverage Project Management methodologies and PMOs, to support them in achieving their strategic objectives, throughout all the phases of a project or a programme.

Our service offerings

Transformational Programme and Project Management Services

KPMG Cyprus’ Transformation Programme Management services assist clients to execute their project portfolios which drive their business strategy. This means that we have multiple roles within large transformative projects, programmes and portfolios, and work with clients from broad range of sectors to deliver business outcomes.

Our Transformational Programme and Project Management Services include:

  •  Helping clients with setting up and running a Transformation Management Office
  •  Support clients from a project management perspective throughout their transformation journey whether that is digital, operational, or business.

Programme/Project Management as a service

We support our clients, in every step, from the understanding of concept to the definition of the implementation strategy, to the delivery. Our experienced and qualified Project Management practitioners work alongside your team, using recognised PM methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, Hybird) and international PM standards, to provide end-to-end project and programme management services for the seamless delivery of any kind and any scale project or programme.

Project Control Services

Keeping large and complex projects on track, ensuring success at every step is challenging without implementing robust project controls.  At KPMG Cyprus, we understand that the key to successful project management lies in applying management and technical processes to identify, quantify, and mitigate project risks.

Our comprehensive project control services ensure that major projects are safeguarded from failure and increase the likelihood of timely and within-budget completion. With a multi-layered approach encompassing people, tools, and systems, we meticulously develop and manage project plans, schedules, and budgets. We help organisations reduce waste, improve ROI and build confidence that their major projects will be completed on time and on budget thanks to a stronger and more controlled environment.

PMO (Project Management Office) Services

Having a centralised Programme Management Office (PMO) is proven as the key success factor for organisaitons that are running multiple projects in parallel. Taking into account the specific needs of each client, our PMO services focus on providing guidance and support to assess the needs, design and set up world-class PMOs, based on the best practices and international methodologies, processes and procedures. In addition, we support you by setting up the right governance and by identifying the monitoring KPIs to measure progress and performance of projects and programmes.

We provide a holistic framework which covers processes, roles, responsibilities and tools across the organisation to better control and manage risk.

Further to the above, we can assist with portfolio and programme level aggregation for risk management, optimal management of resources and budget management. We assess the maturity level of your current PMO, and your project management capability, identify quick wins and pain points, while developing a comprehensive roadmap to achieve higher level of maturity. In addition, we can resource and assist PMOs with the daily operations and at the same time transfer knowledge to the staff of the organisation.

Change Management

Organisations today are going through a major Digital and Business Transformation,  which ultimately results in the need for integrated change management processes, to support people and organisations to understand, accept the change and adapt to the post-transformation era.

Our approach in managing change is people-centric, delivering an exciting, ambitious level of transformational change, accompanied by a culture change journey to  ensure  sustainability of the impacts of transformation. Among others, we help you establish a clear and compelling vision to change and ensure leadership alignment, communicate the change and enhance employee experience, assess and manage the impact of change. We can support you in managing the execution risk, by training and coaching users and leaders, though continuous listening using data and feedback from champions, and ultimately sustaining the change, by evaluating its success through specific metrics and offer further support to transition to the new business as usual.

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