In-house Seminars

In-house Seminars

In-House Seminars may be offered on demand for small groups of employees and associates as well as target the training needs of a specific company.

In-House Seminars may be offered on demand for small groups of employees and associates...

KPMG Academy delivers in-house seminars which can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. In-House Seminars are truly engaging for participants through the use of worked examples and case studies, designed to suit each client’s unique circumstances and may be offered on demand for small or large groups of employees and associates. The content, duration and level of these seminars can be adjusted.

In-house seminars are delivered by specialists with robust technical and soft skills who are used to dealing with the practical application of the requested topics.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship to the Human Recourse Development Authority (HRDA), KPMG Academy will provide any necessary assistance for the preparation of the application. You may see below an indicative list of our in-house seminars. Please do not hesitate to contact KPMG Academy for any queries or clarifications on + 357 22 207460 or via e-mail.

IFRS and Accounting The IFRS seminars provide both current accounting guidance and up-to-date technical knowledge of newly issued standards to practitioners in order to remain informed and abreast of changes.
Taxation The aim of the direct and indirect tax seminars is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of current, basic and advanced tax and vat issues. The main focus of these seminars is on the latest updates which will assist participants in both managing their organisation’s liabilities and providing accurate advice to their clients.  
Corporate Finance KPMG Academy acknowledges that each company needs to investigate and take certain strategic decisions in order to avoid risks, maximize its value as well as achieve longevity and success. Seminars under this category present tools and
analytical methods which will assist participants with their daily tasks in finance and business development.
Financial Risk Management These seminars are offered by risk and regulation specialists. Most of these seminars are suitable for individuals who wish to receive their continuing development credits following CySEC's decision to enforce a directive which requires from all certified persons, registered in the public register, to attend professional training courses.
IT Advisory These seminars reveal that by enhancing IT controls, properly implementing and appropriately managing technology, organizations may minimize their risks, increase their reliability and gain in growth and efficiency. 
Organisational Strategy Hands-on trainers share both theoretical knowledge and
best practice approaches regarding the necessary actions that a company is required to take in order to survive, evolve and meet its long-term goals. The practical seminars under this category provide guidance on important fields such as employment law or renewable energy.
Restructuring KPMG experts present the latest developments in the distressed and restructuring market.  These seminars are intended for accountants, financiers, insolvency practitioners, investors, lawyers, corporates etc who are interested in discussing, debating as well as broadening their knowledge on M&A, Operational and Financial Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation, Recovery of Loans and other relevant matters. 
Soft Skills KPMG Academy proudly presents its new series of soft skills seminars which offer a unique training solution for professionals who understand the necessity of complementing their traditional technical skills by investing in their personal development. 

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