In today's competitive and information driven M&A environment, dealmakers are under immense pressure to generate long-lasting business value while swiftly mitigating risks. The pace of transactions has accelerated, demanding faster decision-making and execution. In this landscape, shaping business strategy, navigating complex transactions, and enhancing financial performance requires more than what traditional deals advisory services can offer.

How we can help

Our Transaction Services and Strategy offer a holistic approach, leveraging expertise, sector know-how, technology and data. We combine our financial, commercial and operational expertise with data-driven insights to help you create value across all stages of the deal lifecycle. Our comprehensive experience across all industries are tailored to your needs, from facilitating acquisitions to securing investments, we leverage our expertise to optimize returns, providing comprehensive guidance throughout the entirety of the deal process.

KPMG’s expertise goes beyond financial matters and seeks to assist clients in all aspects of their business needs. Utilizing our integrated deal team, we can assist our clients across commercial, tax, legal, digital and ESG due diligences, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive support throughout every phase of their transactions.

Our Strategy/Diagnostics experts bring together the data, the knowledge, and their execution capabilities that enable our clients to prioritize and deliver value quickly and confidently. We can achieve measurable improvements to your revenue, operating margins, cost structures and working capital positions.

Transaction evaluation (due diligence)


KPMG professionals can provide expert guidance and support to clients during pre- and post-closing of a business transaction. We have set up an integrated team that can provide due diligence services relating to financial, tax, IT, HR, ESG, digital, commercial, regulatory and operational matters. We can provide a holistic view of the transaction and help you identify areas of risk but also areas to create value, through our experience and industry know-how.

Transaction structuring


Transaction Structuring is a pivotal aspect of strategic business deals. With our specialized expertise, we meticulously analyze various factors, including financial, tax and legal implications, regulatory requirements and operational synergies, to identify the optimal deal frameworks. By tailoring structures aligned with clients' objectives and maximizing value, we ensure efficient navigation through complex transactions. Our strategic approach enables clients to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risks, and achieve their business goals effectively.

Contract Assistance and Deal Closing


We can assist you by drafting contracts or analysing contractual terms and conditions, ensuring alignment with the clients’ strategic objectives and minimizing potential risks. We offer valuable insights into the Cyprus legal framework, negotiation assistance for favorable terms and facilitation in communication between transaction parties to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Additionally, our team of professionals can assist you during closing of the deal, ensuring clarity, completeness and enforceability.

Performance Transformation


KPMG professionals leverage their expertise and industry insights to diagnose areas of underperformance and identify opportunities/synergies to create value for a business. We conduct comprehensive assessments of organizational structures, operational processes and financial performance metrics to pinpoint inefficiencies and develop tailored strategies for transformation. Our professionals offer strategic guidance on implementing organizational changes, streamlining operations, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing overall performance. Through the utilization of data-driven analysis, industry focus and proactive problem-solving, we empower clients to unlock their full potential, drive sustainable growth and achieve their strategic objectives.


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