KPMG is at the forefront of an evolving tax landscape

KPMG is one of the leading providers of Tax services. We respond to clients’ complex business challenges with services that go across industry sectors and national boundaries by working with other member firms within the KPMG International network.

Tax is an integral part of the corporate environment irrespective of whether you are a large or medium-sized company or a sole trader.

KPMG in Cyprus actively cooperates with clients and advises on approaches that potentially bring tax savings or help to manage tax risks connected with their business transaction. Our practice has accumulated years of experience in providing advice with regard to tax issues faced by Cyprus and international companies, as well as, their shareholders and executives. Our team of qualified advisers has a broad, general knowledge of tax matters along with an in-depth knowledge of taxation issues within specific business sectors.

KPMG Cyprus’ tax services are designed to reflect your needs and objectives, whether dealing with the tax aspects of a cross-border acquisition, providing advice with regard to a global transfer pricing strategy or advising on hiring, remunerating or transferring executive or specialist employees.

Our teams can also assist you in achieving effective tax compliance and managing tax risks, while helping you to control costs.

The top priority of KPMG’s Tax practice is to deliver a portfolio of services that matches organizations’ changing needs in today’s global marketplace.