KPMG Law operates in the Republic of Cyprus through the law firm Theodorides, Georgiou, Iacovou & Co LLC, a lawyers’ limited liability company regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association in Cyprus. It operates through the firm’s legal teams in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos.

KPMG Law comprises of a unique team of business-oriented advocates and legal professionals, who are well positioned within various industries and the global legal network of KPMG, having as its purpose to make an impact in a rapidly changing environment.

The lawyers within KPMG Law aim the alignment of legal servicing with the clients’ operational needs. Comprising of a team of over 20 qualified and experienced lawyers. KPMG Law in Cyprus leverages on the experience of its senior members in cross border transactions, often involving difficult and challenging legal issues and high-profile clients.


Our practice areas primarily include:

  • M&A Legal Advisory
  • International Business Reorganisations
  • Dispute resolution, Litigation, Arbitration
  • Corporate Legal Advisory
  • Debt Legal Advisory including Banking and Finance and Insolvency
  • Real Estate Law
  • Financial Services Regulatory Legal Advisory
  • Insurance Law
  • Data, Digital and Legal Advisory
  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Office and Private Client
  • Intellectual Property Law

KPMG Law lawyers are accustomed to work on multidisciplinary projects where contentious legal issues often intermingle with direct and indirect taxation, and various business and finance matters, and we also undertake appointments as insolvency practitioners. We also represent our clients before court and before third parties and governmental authorities, should the need arises.

Our plan is driven by our determination to create a fresh approach in managing legal projects and serving our clients by utilizing our core KPMG values of integrity, excellence and courage.

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New law for shipping companies


Shipping companies holding Cyprus flagged ships benefit from simpler operations under a new law establishing limited liability of Cyprus Shipping Companies registrants, under the supervision of Deputy Ministry of Shipping.

New Law on Working Conditions


The Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Law of 2023 was passed in April 2023 promoting more transparent and predictable working conditions while ensuring labour-market adaptability by enacting more extensive and updated labour rights.

Competitive tech environment


Cyprus is rapidly becoming one of the most low-cost tech hubs in Europe, offering favourable tax and competitive IP regimes. Our corporate department can help set up or relocate your info tech business.

Probationary Period and Trainings


The new law on transparent and predictable working conditions regulates, among others, the probationary period which cannot exceed 6 months and the employers' obligation to offer trainings to employees at no cost when these are required by legislation.

Beneficial ownership register


Companies and other legal entities must submit information about their ultimate beneficial ownership to the publicly available Central Beneficial Owners Register, maintained by the Registrar of Companies.

Rent Increase - immovable properties


For the immovable properties which are regulated by the rent control laws, the Council of Ministers issued an order allowing landlords to increase the rent up to 6% for the period 22/04/2023-21/04/2025.

European Economic Interest Groupings


The concentration of resources for the economic development of groups in the EU is facilitated by European Economic Interest Groupings, which is a useful tool for tax planning.

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“Legal Services in Cyprus are provided by Theodorides, Georgiou, Iacovou & CO LLC, a member firm of the international network of KPMG. It is a private lawyers’ limited liability company, having its registered office at 11, June 26th 1943 Street, Limassol. A list of its directors and practicing advocates is provided in this website and is also available at the firm’s registered office.” 

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