Financial management

Financial management

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Financial Management

In a period where the majority of transactions are being done electronically,
systems are becoming more complex and the need for regulatory reporting is more demanding than ever, finance professionals find themselves striving for proper data governance and management. Currently, finance professionals are suffering with unavailability of data, the lack of data integration between various applications and the overall absence of relevant data governance models and relevant operational procedures.

These challenges create the need for streamlining relevant procedures, ensuring integrity and availability of data for decision making, operational assessment and performance monitoring, as well as establishing the required data exchange and integration models for management and regulatory reporting. 

Building on our versatile experience and a skillset that combines information technology & data analysis specialists with financial & strategy professionals, we aim at helping clients maximize their finance function’s performance and increase its value to the business through the provision of the following services:

Efficient Finance Operations
  • Finance Vision and Strategy
  • Target Operating Model & Organizational Design
  • Finance Process Optimization
  • Quality Close and Integrated Reporting
Effective Decision Support Process
  • Performance Reporting & Analysis
  • Finance Technology Transformation
  • Finance Information/Analytics Systems
Financial/Regulatory Reporting Systems
  • Banking Regulatory Reporting
  • Insurance Regulatory Reporting
  • Finance Information/Analytics Systems

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