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Organizations increasingly rely on technology and IT services to transform, drive growth and earn stakeholder trust. However, the extensive use of IT means that data privacy, cybersecurity, cloud implementation, third-party assurance and aging IT infrastructure and applications, all pose potential risks. Business continuity, regulatory confidence and stakeholder trust could all be affected. These fast-evolving risks must be addressed by well-designed and carefully implemented risk controls. This is crucial to minimize any loss of critical services, financial damage, harm to customers, regulatory failures, or negative reputational impact.

KPMG professionals help you to analyze any technology vulnerabilities in your organization and build a holistic approach to mitigating risks.  We bring business and sector knowledge, as well as specialist IT skills to every engagement. We are software sector agnostic, so we help you identify the best approach for your needs with a strong focus on integrating stakeholder trust. 

Anticipating emerging technology risk

How we can help

KPMG technology risk professionals can help you manage IT risks, enhance compliance and navigate regulatory challenges. Through modernization, agile practices and an integrated framework, we can help you establish secure technology adoption and assist in IT control optimization, compliance demands and cyber risk anticipation, fostering trusted technological advancement.

Technology risk modernization enhances our responsiveness to digital acceleration, cloud transformation and emerging technologies. Agile methods, DevSecOps practices and innovative tools are reshaping our approaches. The rise of AI and Robotic Process Automation introduces new challenges, particularly concerning ethics and social impact. KPMG professionals aid clients in foreseeing and navigating these imminent challenges.

KPMG firms offer an integrated framework that aligns governance, risk, compliance and assurance functions for a cohesive organizational vision. Our experts combine forward-looking risk management insights, industry expertise, cloud technology and global capabilities to deliver innovative GRC solutions. This approach can optimize functions, helping ensure consistency and effectiveness while addressing challenges.

With dynamic regulatory landscapes and heightened demands, organizations struggle to navigate and adhere to an expanding array of regulations. At the same time, organizations are focused on managing new and persistent risks to their business while balancing revenue growth and business priorities. KPMG experts can elevate IT controls, enabling businesses to operate with the right oversight, reliability and effectiveness required in this complex environment.

KPMG experts assist in meeting third-party risk and compliance demands, affirming control environment integrity. Through our globally accredited network, KPMG firms offer reports on pertinent controls for users' internal financial reporting, along with security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy assessments. We provide actionable insights that can strengthen internal controls, minimize audit-related disruptions and facilitate transparent information sharing with customers and stakeholders.

KPMG professionals help clients and audit teams grasp IT risks and their business implications. Our support encompasses technology audits, IT control assessments and audits of ERPs (like SAP, Oracle and Workday), including governance, risk and control evaluation, IT resources, emerging technologies, IT internal audit risk assessments, audit analytics and compliance testing for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and regulatory requirements.

Many companies are seeking to quickly adopt new technologies and digitize their processes. However, as they create new digital channels, business models, remote working capabilities, and market and customer experiences, the increase in data processing opens the door to cyber risk that can hinder the advancement of these new initiatives. KPMG can help you anticipate cyber risks and move faster with technology that is secure and trusted.

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