Financial risk management

Financial risk management

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering, actuarial services & the management of assets, capital, treasury & commodity/energy risk.

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering, actuarial services & the man..

Increasing global concerns about financial risk

How KPMG can help

KPMG’s Financial Risk Management (FRM) offers a broad ranging financial risk management service. We help banks, investment firms, insurance companies and regulators identify, assess, manage, report and mitigate the risks they face.

As a result of the financial crisis, financial institutions of all sizes are in the process of building robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

KPMG’s FRM professionals work with financial institutions to attain these objectives.

KPMG has a long term experience in delivering financial services in Cyprus and abroad. Our Financial Risk Management department in Cyprus is solely dedicated to the provision of risk and regulatory advisory services to financial institutions and regulators. 

Our specialized services cover a wide range of subjects, including:


Credit risk measurement and management
  • Credit risk modelling (PD, LGD, collective impairment) and model validation
  • Credit Rating models (scorecards)
  • NPL monitoring and reporting
  • Stress testing models
  • Credit due diligence and asset quality reviews
Operational risk measurement and management
  • Implementation of Operational Risk Management Software
  • Risk and Control Self assessments
  • Reporting
  • Reports (KPIs/COREP Reports)
  • Scenario Analysis (Basic function implementation and Input/Output manipulation)
Market and liquidity risks
  • Fund transfer pricing
  • ILAAPLCR/NSFR reporting
  • Liquidity risk policy
  • Funding plans
  • ALM processes and system implementation
Actuarial services & insurance services
  • Actuarial valuations of technical provisions (life and non-life)
  • Independent actuarial reports for regulatory submission
  • Valuations for internal purposes
  • Model development and review
  • Outsourcing of the Actuarial Function
  • Pricing of insurance products
  • Reinsurance analysis
  • Development of frameworks (e.g. claims management, underwriting etc)
  • Profitability assessments of products 
Basel III & IV transformation
  • Implementation Services
  • Systems
  • Processes
Audit services
  • Suitability – clients’ money
  • Trading book policy
  • Pillar 3 – in Basel III
  • Technical provisions – for Insurance companies









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