As corporate responsibility issues move up the political and business agenda, it is critical for organisations to have an effective response. We advise corporations and public sector organisations on their strategy and the integration of corporate responsibility into their business functions to help them better understand, improve and report on their environmental, social and ethical performance. 

KPMG sustainability professionals support our clients from start to finish, by offering customised services to help them align their corporate responsibility strategy, performance and communication with their values and business practices.

Our work focuses on assessment, risk management, strategy, implementation, and assurance activities.

KPMG’s Sustainability Strategy and Assessment services provide an organisation with the ability to better understand the maturity of its enterprise-wide sustainability program and assist in setting up and enhancing its strategy towards corporate responsibility and sustainable development, through Benchmarking, Analysis of stakeholder view and Strategy development.

KPMG supports clients in implementing their Corporate Responsibility strategy, by integrating sustainability issues, based on best practices or regulatory requirements, in their existing corporate governance structures and management systems. We may introduce new procedures and control points, taking into consideration potential change management issues. Our services include, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Reporting, Performance management and reporting system development, developing sustainability strategy related policies and in identifying processes with high social or environmental impact and assist in reducing these effects.

KPMG also provides independent Assurance on the corporate responsibility performance of organisations.

This may relate to historical information, management systems, or behaviour and is usually reported in a CSR Report or as part of an organisation's financial reporting.

KPMG’s vision in providing CSR assurance services encompasses the belief that superior sustainable business performance requires a focus on integrating social, environmental, and economic factors.

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