Sander Jansen

Director, ESG

KPMG in Canada

Sander is a Director with KPMG’s Sustainability Services practice in Montreal with 10 years of experience, helping companies advance their sustainability strategies and disclosures. He has worked for Sustainability Index leaders around the world, worked for KPMG Sustainability practices in The Netherlands, Australia and Canada, and has a broad range of experience on sustainability assurance and advisory engagements with a focus on the energy, utilities and financial sectors. Recently he was awarded a position in the highly competitive year-long global Future Leaders Team, a young-professional think-tank aimed at shaping the future of non-financial reporting and management. Sander is an invited speaker to various conferences in Canada and Europe and is co-author of several publications on carbon disclosure and sustainable cities.

  • Carbon attestation
  • Climate change
  • Corporate responsibility assurance
  • Corporate responsibility reporting
  • Sustainability program assessment
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • WBCSD Leadership Program

  • MSc Business Geography, Utrecht University (NL)

  • BSc (Hon) Urban Planning, Utrecht University (NL)

  • International Business Program, RMIT University (AU)