Dedicated KPMG tax professionals around the world are supported by the strength of our KPMG Delivery Network (KDN). This network is designed to operate like a seamless center of excellence, with hubs all around the world, delivering consistent, coordinated global tax compliance services that are the backbone of the tax function. KPMG local firms provide technical insight and advice on local compliance requirements while KPMG Delivery Center professionals provide 24/7 support, deep experience and strong technological capabilities in global compliance processes, controls, data analytics and automation, as well as overall project management expertise and global business acumen. Working together with you, KPMG firms offer a network of local, regional and global delivery, with a balance of centralized and local support, a suite of customizable and coordinated services that help to deliver quality and value, visibility and oversight, effectiveness and cost efficiency for your compliance processes.

Globally connected tax delivery centers

Balancing local knowledge on a global scale

By bringing together more than 2,500 globally minded professionals in 5 different countries, who together speak more than 100 different languages, the KPMG Delivery Network enables centralized delivery across multiple jurisdictions globally. The network is overseen by our global QRM governance and either ISO-9000 certified or working towards that level of certification.

Connected through KPMG Digital Gateway the global delivery network processes more than 1 million tax returns every year across more than 100 jurisdictions worldwide.

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KPMG Delivery Network for Tax

Globally connected. Locally enabled.

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