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KPMG GloW Track

The GloW Track is a new database designed to offer simple, user-friendly & reliable information on operational withholding & transaction taxes.

The GloW Track is a database that offer information on withholding & transaction taxes.

Your tool for global withholding taxes

Imagine a single trusted source of withholding tax information that can be tailored to your needs. Meet KPMG GloW Track.

KPMG GloW Track is a web-based application that provides a single source of information on global withholding tax regimes, helping you and your clients navigate the potential withholding tax implications of cross border investments.

Trusted information in just a few clicks

GloW Track is your gateway to vetted information for over 80 investment source countries and territories and more than 100 investor residencies. Alongside the standard domestic exemptions and treaty rates, GloW Track also includes tax rates for:

  • Dividends and REIT distributions;
  • Interest, on a wide range of instruments, including government and corporate debt;
  • Stamp duties and transaction taxes; and
  • Capital gains.

GloW Track benefits

  • Increased confidence in managing risk: Against a backdrop of an increasingly complex and rapidly changing tax landscape, knowing you are applying the correct tax rate or applying for the most appropriate exemption or reclaim in a timely manner is key.
  • Consistency and support: GloW Track has been specifically designed to address all these requirements. It is highly versatile, with the ability to sort data by both investment country and by investor residency. The tax information is maintained and updated in real time by KPMG tax professionals around the world, giving you the added reassurance of accurate and consistent information.
  • Tailored to your needs: The information available can be tailored according to the specific requirements of your organization. You can choose the range of investment countries and investor residences that best fit your business.

KPMG GloW Track (PDF 304 KB)

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