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When COVID-19 closed Toronto's schools, children who usually had breakfast through the School Nutrition Programs would soon be going hungry. KPMG in Canada worked with the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS) on a grocery-card program to fill that urgent nutritional gap.

We quickly hashed together a pilot solution using Survey Monkey and Excel that delivered grocery-cards to 3,500 students, paying for a month's worth of nutritious breakfasts.

Having proved the concept, the KPMG Connected Enterprise framework was used to scale up the prototype to an agile Microsoft Power Platform. From spring to summer 2020, KPMG in Canada helped the TFSS provide 3,300,000 breakfasts to help children by registering 110,000 students in over 600 schools and distributed $5.7M CA in grocery-cards to 60,000 families.

This is just one more example of the power of technology to build a better future. Because when you take a connected approach to digital acceleration, creating solutions around your customers and focusing on the results that matter, you can change the world.

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