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Telling your connected story

The world around us is rapidly changing. In recent years, that has meant responding to major changes such as inflation, natural disasters, a global pandemic, geopolitical events and of course climate-related matters. Companies are adapting their businesses to our changing world and their stakeholders are keen to hear each company’s connected story.

The story of how these changes impact a company’s affairs is told in the annual report – the primary tool for communicating with stakeholders. Insights into IFRS is here to help. Now in its 20th edition, it continues to provide helpful, up-to-date guidance on the key aspects of financial reporting, including all of the most recent developments.

Use the links below to order your copy and to download our high-level overview.

Get Insights into IFRS

You can access Insights into IFRS as an e-book on ProViewTM

ProView allows you to

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  • share extracts (via email or pdf) and
  • automatically transfer notes to the next edition.

Speak to your usual KPMG contact or email insights@kpmgifrg.com for more information on how to order your copy.

Your high-level overview

Download your copy of Insights into IFRS – An overview, (PDF 1.49 MB) which provides a structured guide to the key issues arising from the standards. This guide is easy to use on your desktop or mobile devices.

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