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Organizations across every sector face changing regulations and unprecedented, globally interconnected risks. Staying a step ahead requires a dedicated regulatory and risk management program that proactively scans the horizon, has the right operating structure, allows for innovation and has a clear response strategy if things don’t go to plan. While regulatory change and risk are often seen as burdens, they can in fact be an opportunity to accelerate business transformation and remain ahead of competitors. 

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KPMG professionals span diverse fields, from accountancy and economics to data science and forensics, contributing a range of expertise in every engagement. Our objective transcends basic support; we shape regulatory and risk strategies that can not only help ensure compliance but also help mitigate risks, fuel innovation, drive well-informed decisions and foster trust and confidence at every turn.

Our teams cooperate to design solutions intended to optimize your capital, to reduce your costs, to help you transforming your company or function towards a more effective and more efficient way of working. Our risk-approach deeply leverages our wealth of alliance partners and digital competencies to support your innovation.

Whether it’s helping implement regulatory compliance requirements, transforming operating models or digitizing processes and tools, our approach and alliances uniquely position KPMG firms to support a clients’ most important programs. Actuarial services play a pivotal role in the strategic management of financial risks for insurance and pension fund organizations. Actuaries harness advanced mathematical and statistical methodologies to deliver invaluable insights, enabling organizations to make well-informed decisions that significantly influence their financial stability and overall success.

Keep up to date on current regulatory changes, trends and opportunities that are impacting global clients. KPMG firms’ teams of experienced professionals in the areas of regulatory, finance, risk and business technology can support and help you efficiently prepare for changes and updates. Regulatory services play a critical role in helping businesses and organizations navigate the complex and evolving landscape of government regulations. These services are essential for maintaining legal compliance, managing risks, and ensuring that organizations operate ethically and responsibly within their respective industries.

Credit risk management comprises specialized financial services that assist financial institutions and businesses in evaluating, tracking, and mitigating the inherent risks linked to extending credit to borrowers or counterparties. Effective management of credit risk is imperative for sustaining the financial stability and profitability of organizations engaged in extending credit to their clientele. Our vast suite of services encompasses credit risk assessment, credit scoring, portfolio analysis, ongoing credit monitoring, credit reporting and data analysis, credit risk modeling, stress testing, the formulation of risk mitigation strategies, and the integration of ESG factors, including climate-related and environmental considerations, into the domain of credit risk management.

Market and liquidity risk services represent specialized financial offerings designed to assist organizations, notably financial institutions and investment firms, in identifying, evaluating, and effectively managing risks associated with market fluctuations and the accessibility of liquid assets. These risks possess the potential to exert a substantial impact on an organization's financial stability, profitability, and its capability to meet immediate financial obligations. The provision of market and liquidity risk services can prove indispensable for organizations exposed to market volatility, as it helps ensure their capacity to meet short-term financial commitments.

Non-financial risk services encompass a diverse array of initiatives and tactics aimed at recognizing, evaluating, and mitigating risks that, while not directly linked to financial metrics, possess the potential to exert substantial influence on an organization's functioning, reputation, and adherence to regulations. These risks frequently categorize into operational, strategic, compliance, reputational, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) domains. The provision of non-financial risk services holds paramount importance in fortifying an organization's overall resilience and sustainability.

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