Dynamic Risk Assessment

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Approaching risks in a ‘networked’ way.

KPMG has developed a proprietary process that approaches risks in a ‘networked’ way.

Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) is an evolution in risk assessment designed to help people and organizations better understand the world they live in and future risk scenarios. Not only does it make risk management more inclusive, more sustainable and more beneficial for all, it also elevates risk assessment from a static and basic 'must-do' exercise to a state that invites, amongst others, scenario modelling, resource allocation, prioritization, responsibility and oversight determination, and strategy formulation and implementation.

DRA is specifically designed in order to be tailored to a client organization starting from the formulation of the risk list and risk descriptions, through to the decision of the scales and intervals, as well as the data input and the final delivery of results.

DRA uses advanced science and research in complexity and network theory alongside a digital tool to produce an output that is accurate and intuitive. The insights provided by that output include:

  • The risks that are expected to spread to each other
  • The systemically most likely beneficial opportunities in the future risk landscape
  • The speed at which risks can impact an organization
  • The low likelihood, high severity scenarios required for scenario modelling
  • The risks that should be delegated to senior/middle management

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