KPMG firms have played a leading role in exploring and harnessing new technologies and providing assurance and direction in implementing them. We understand that transformation is a complex business, regulatory and technical challenge – and we’re committed to helping clients address their data and privacy protection issues.

Over 500 privacy risk management professionals are working in KPMG member firms, including former privacy lawyers, Chief Privacy Officers, technology and cybersecurity professionals, information management specialists, privacy engineers and Chiefs of Staff to former privacy regulators, these specialists take a responsible approach to assess the ethics, governance, and security in place around clients’ technologies. We aim to give you a holistic view of privacy trends and offer a range of privacy tech solutions and services, with expertise in PrivaTech, Privacy by Design, privacy target operating models, ESG and privacy, privacy program design, implementation and automation, customer experience and change management, privacy breach response and privacy remediation.

How we can help you

KPMG Privacy Services can help you manage regulatory obligations and enable you to leverage data to create value and increase revenue while meeting the expectations of your customers, employees and vendors. With KPMG professionals’ extensive privacy and data protection experience, we can help your business evolve and develop a tailored, structured and flexible approach – helping unlock economic potential while also helping to ensure data privacy.

Our approach

KPMG cyber and privacy professionals can offer a global, multidisciplinary view of risk, helping you address your privacy challenges. KPMG member firms are committed to offering precision, quality and objectivity, which can help you embed protection and trust into your activities, not just your technology, to create a security culture.

KPMG firms can offer these benefits because we can bring a combination of strengths — technological expertise, in-depth business knowledge and creative professionals passionate about protecting and building your business.

Transforming for a future of value

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. KPMG firms' suite of business transformation technology solutions can help you engineer a different future – of new opportunities that are designed to create and protect value.

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