Today’s modern business landscape is undergoing a profound transformation amid a multitude of factors, including performance and cost pressures, evolving capabilities, shifting customer expectations and the emergence of digital solutions. This transformation is underpinned by the imperative of cultivating an agile, sustainable and efficient risk function.

KPMG professionals deeply understand the significance digital transformation has for clients. By strategically integrating technology in risk processes, the aim is to empower organizations to improve customer service, innovate and gain a competitive edge.

As thought leaders in risk transformation, KPMG firms are illustrating the way forward with technological and commercial innovations across banking, insurance, capital markets, financial services, BigTech, energy and every highly regulated industry sector. KPMG professionals serve as strategic advisors, guiding organizations through the complex landscape of risk transformation and digital adoption.

How KPMG professionals can help

KPMG firms offer a wide range of support, from foundational components to implementing efficient processes, data infrastructure and risk reporting, helping create a detailed maturity assessment for your risk function. The assessment helps identify change opportunities, creates action plans and sets out a roadmap that benchmarks your progress against industry peers.

The approach revolves around connecting organizations with emerging technology solutions and leveraging these innovations to help achieve their strategic and business goals. KPMG firms offer support in navigating regulatory challenges and enhancing efficiency through standardized processes and cloud-based solutions. KPMG professionals bring a deep understanding of risk management, coupled with the innovative digital solutions and specialized guidance you may need to not only meet regulatory requirements but also drive strategic growth and innovation.

KPMG professionals create powerful new connections between banks, insurers, regulators and other major entities using today’s emerging technology solutions. This aids global institutions in harnessing the power of RegTech to achieve their strategic, innovation and business objectives.

KPMG specialists assist financial institutions in addressing multifaceted aspects of compliance with new trading book capital requirements. This includes foundational data enhancements, market risk infrastructure improvements and broad overhauls for market risk capital, such as those necessitated by FRTB, credit valuation adjustment and counterparty credit risk.

KPMG professionals provide capabilities for executing and compiling model validation tests in a procedural, standardized, traceable, comparable and repeatable manner. Institutions are positioned to allocate more time and resources to high-value tasks, including analysis of test results, formulation of conclusions and the generation of crucial insights.

With the emergence of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, it is imperative for businesses to have access to a dynamic and global network of subject matter specialists to effectively respond to these new regulations. KPMG’s Big Tech Risk offerings help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape, build a robust, integrated framework, and promote responsible innovation.

Due to the increasing regulatory requirements, new risks, continued margin pressure and uncertainty in the market environment these add to the existing challenges of financial institutions and their risk functions. Chief Risk Officers (CROs) will need to do more, for less. KPMG firms provide services to help re-shape and re-align the CRO function mandate and organization, modernize risk IT architecture, and enhance risk processes to help increase efficiency.

KPMG professionals are focusing on helping leaders across the three lines build agile, forward-looking, risk-aware organizations that can make better decisions to protect and achieve strategic imperatives by transforming both business and risk capabilities to deliver an integrated and effective risk and compliance enterprise. This can help allow the business to respond to the constantly changing risk landscape and deliver greater business resilience and performance.

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