Quantum can be thought of as the modern-day industrial revolution. Quantum is coming – and with it, exciting new possibilities.

From helping develop faster and more effective AI, to creating better, safer vehicle autonomous navigation, the power of quantum across computing, communication and sensing is ready to be unlocked for enterprises prepared to embrace it.

The emerging quantum-computing industry has made enormous advances in recent years and as more organizations focus on what quantum can deliver, the global market is expected to hit US$50 billion by the end of this decade.1

According to KPMG research, an overwhelming majority of businesses say the quantum-computing journey is now on their agendas. One in four say they plan to invest in the next six to 12 months. Another 34 percent plan to invest in one to two years, while 27 percent expect to invest in quantum in three to five years.2

KPMG firms are working to stay ahead of the curve as quantum computing emerges to reveal its true potential. Our primary focus is to address each client's business needs and explore use cases that can move them forward and unlock new competitive advantages. Understanding quantum, what it can do and where it can be applied, is the first step to securing opportunities and to mitigating threats.

We are working with clients to help them understand quantum computing and what it can deliver to their organizations, KPMG professionals are collaborating with an array of leading businesses such as IBM, Microsoft and Quantinuum to explore the quantum space and how it can help tackle today's most-complex business challenges.3

How we can help you

KPMG firms’ technology consulting practices have extensive experience across essential areas to support your quantum transformation. Focusing on each organization’s needs we help you harness the latest technology alongside our functional and sector expertise help deliver real results. This can include:

Quantum risk assessment

Scan of current infrastructure. Identifying the areas most impacted by quantum risk, to establish a plan of action mitigating this threat and evaluating technology fit for purpose.

Secure communication proof of concept

Implement and maintenance of quantum communication technology in the form of a proof of concept, with a focus on establishing client knowledge to minimize security risk.

Quantum computing proof of concept

Scan the current work practices to identify relevant use cases for leveraging quantum solutions with action learning proof of concept projects to drive bolder innovation and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency.

Quantum training

A fact-based minicourse that provides an introduction of quantum technology. Training can provide a detailed understanding of quantum both from a technical and business perspective.

Strategy and roadmap

Customized adoption strategy based on current resources and future ambition.

Our approach

KPMG firms work alongside you to bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology. We help clients get the most value from their quantum transformation journeys and deliver real business outcomes. We are delivering solutions for now and establishing the pathway to quantum transformation. Together, we bring a combination of digital and quantum experience and our leading technology alliances, building trusted client relationships that last. 

Transforming for a future of value

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. KPMG firms' suite of business transformation technology solutions can help you engineer a different future – of new opportunities that are designed to create and protect value.

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