Starting out on your transformation?

Transformation can be complex, challenging, and at times uncomfortable. Achieving organization-wide readiness at the outset of a transformation is a key contributor to transformation success.

At KPMG we draw on a series of tools that enable us to measure readiness to transform and identify strengths and opportunities to help set you up for success.

Knowing where to start

On the back of deep research, lived experience and insights we help measure readiness:


Does your organization have clear direction, strategy and alignment?

Clarity is critical to ensuring readiness. When clarity is achieved, all other factors click easier into place - capability, capacity, and culture.


Is the organization willing to embrace, support and prioritize this transformation?

Because even organizations that are clear, capable and have the capacity for transformation can fail to launch when they forget about culture.


Do you have capability in transformation?

Capability takes effort to build, borrow and buy. And be realistic is there capacity to do this on top of business as usual?


Does your organization have the capacity to support a transformation?

Capacity means all leaders, workforces and stakeholders are giving priority, focus and attention to transformation.

Ready? Start your transformation today!

KPMG offers an actionable assessment of an organization’s readiness to support a large transformation.

It identifies organizational strengths and opportunities and delivers insights and replacing clients recommendations to help you get ready to successfully support a transformation.

Get started now

What you will receive

  • Transformation readiness survey: An easy-to-use online self assessment. Survey results are presented as part of a tailored Client Insight report.
  • Client Insight Report: Client specific recommendations based on survey results with recommended accelerators designed to uplift maturity to support a transformation.
  • KPMG SME Debrief: A KPMG expert from our Management Consulting business to discuss opportunities to assist in preparing for transformation.

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