Transformation is a journey

There’s no quick fix for today’s business challenges. Major changes are commonplace, often happening in parallel - more complex, involving more stakeholders, with more at risk and more complex decision-making required.

All this can put relentless pressure on you, your people and your broader ecosystem. This journey of constant change is unpredictable but how you approach it should not be. The KPMG Transformation Journey helps you navigate these shifting end points to help deliver the results that matter.

Wherever your starting point, whatever your industry, KPMG professionals strive to bring the right balance of disciplined execution, agility, and human centricity to help you navigate the journey and realize value at speed.

Better transformation experience. Better business outcomes.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have a specific problem to solve, KPMG professionals can help. Learn more about the KPMG transformation readiness assessment.

Value focused

However big your ambitions, KPMG professionals help you deliver, step-by-step, the incremental gains that can show the way to the business outcomes that matter to you — whether they are operational efficiencies, greater employee satisfaction, growth, sustainability, or something very different.

Agile first

By designing and deploying in an iterative way, you can have the agility to flex into change and derive new sources of value from your transformation journey. As a Gold Partner as named by Scaled Agile (SAFe ®) world-wide, KPMG professionals can help you drive agility with scale..


KPMG professionals can provide a single view of the many changes happening throughout your organization and how they are impacting your people. This allows you to create a people journey that delivers a better transformation experience for all.

1. Visioning and foundation

Define the journey: Where do you want to go on your transformation journey? KPMG professionals can help you focus your vision, frame strategies, and quantify the values that align to your strategy. From there they can help build the roadmap for your journey.

2. Transformation orchestration

Shape the journey: How can I navigate the journey as conditions change? Delivering an evolving transformation requires a more continuous cycle of discovery, design, development, and delivery that enables you to regularly re-evaluate, and pivot quickly as new information comes into the picture. This also involves viewing change through the lens of your customers, your people and your partners to create an experience that can improve acceptance of change.

3. Solution delivery

Deliver iteratively on the journey: Your transformation journey is enabled by many digital solutions, initiatives, and products that target value and, when integrated, collectively contribute to the broader transformation.

4. Business value realization

Capture value from the journey: Finally, capturing the value of transformation initiatives at various stages of the journey provides the momentum and confidence across the organization to keep transforming.

Transforming for a future of value

Connected. Powered. Trusted. Elevate. KPMG firms' suite of business transformation technology solutions can help you engineer a different future – of new opportunities that are designed to create and protect value.

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