In today’s fast-evolving, hypercompetitive global environment, understanding how business processes are actually being executed is a critical challenge for organizations.

Process professionals design processes with the expectation that their execution and use will be faithful to the design. Unfortunately, designs tend to be incomplete or difficult to execute in practice, and users can often overlook or bypass the processes that are in place.

Gaining accurate, timely insights into business processes is becoming even more challenging – and complex – as organizations pursue digital transformation, modern business models, customer-centric services and artificial intelligence capabilities.

As the pace of change accelerates in today’s digital economy, more businesses are discovering the power of process mining to visualize, analyze and evolve their processes in unprecedented ways. Process mining uses data to open a new window on your processes, positioning business leaders to quickly make informed decisions that can enhance efficiency, agility and competitiveness.  

Questions to ask when considering the advantages of process mining

  • Are errors or deviations affecting workflow, customer service or operational inefficiency?
  • Where are the bottlenecks in today’s business processes?  
  • Can your business trust its data quality and system integrity?
  • Are employees following standard operating procedures?
  • What activities can be automated to enhance efficiency?
  • Where are the key sources of risk – and are appropriate controls in place?

What is KPMG Powered Enterprise Process Mining?

Powered Process Mining is a process- and system-agnostic approach that taps into the power of data to visualize and analyze actual business processes across the enterprise – instantly revealing any variations, deviations and errors that are impacting the organization. Business leaders can take the guesswork and assumptions out of decision making, applying process mining across an array of use cases that include process optimization, process automation, system migration, ERP implementation, and internal and external audit.  

How KPMG professionals can help

KPMG firms have teams of data scientists and consultants specializing in process mining today. They can deliver digital solutions that combine the analytical and the operational into one intelligent layer. These solutions analyze data across the enterprise – accurately identifying execution gaps and responding automatically to remove them. This data-driven approach is designed with user-specific views for each role in the organization, delivering critical new insights into both the efficiency of your daily operations and how to adapt as business requirements evolve.

Some key outcomes of KPMG Powered Enterprise |process mining can include:

  • Full transparency of analysis using transactional data from your business systems;
  • Identification of process bottlenecks, deviations, manual actions and role conflicts;
  • Processes appear as they are executed and without interpretation;
  • All process variations and deviations are visualized and analyzed;
  • Ongoing monitoring optimizes processes, risk mitigation and user adoption.

KPMG professionals are helping businesses use the power of process mining to become more agile, resilient and change-ready. To learn more about process mining and how KPMG firms can help your organization, please contact one of our specialists.


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