For years, this family-owned mid-sized retailer held the dominant position in their marketplace. Yet the impact of COVID-19, rising inflation and increasing competition on their physical and online operations was putting downward pressure on their EBITDA. They wanted to explore opportunities that might reverse that trend — and quickly.

Using innovative tools and technologies, KPMG in Ireland rapidly got down into the organization’s transactional and operational data, carefully mapping the organization’s performance across a range of vectors. Nearly 100 new opportunities for value creation were identified and quantified. The nine most critical initiatives would deliver a first-year EBITDA uplift of between 113 and 212 percent.

Leveraging their network’s deep and diverse functional experience and execution capabilities, KPMG in Ireland then helped the organization deliver on their objectives with a thorough implementation plan, complete with timelines, project charters, detailed projections, critical capability gaps and milestones. Implementation is currently underway and measurement is ongoing. But all signs suggest the organization will achieve quantifiable EBITDA uplift over the next 12 months.

Your journey to quantifiable value

Step 2

After gaining a strong understanding of the future opportunities, risks and trends that influence your organization, you can start to properly quantify their value within various scenarios. You need to know what to measure and what metrics actually matter. You need to quickly get down into your transactional-level data to understand where you are today. And then you need to combine that data with rich sources of market data and sector/functional insights to assess the potential value they could deliver across a range of scenarios. The goal is to attach a reliable and practical dollar amount to each opportunity, providing decisionmakers with a real baseline against which to assess their options.

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Perhaps you are going through a transformation, conducting a transaction, or trying to achieve a turnaround in performance. No matter where you are in your organization’s journey, KPMG can help you find, deliver and measure quantifiable value. 

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